Spun out of UK film festival New Queer Visions are proud to showcase a stunning collection of wondrous short films, in a series of five tales that between them highlight an achingly realistic depiction of to thy ownself being true, a compelling work on what it means
to be gay and Muslim in a traditional society, and from an enchanting cinematic ode to romance, to that of an uplifting
take on being true to yourself, rounding off with an hilarious example of coming out; screwball style.
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›› Naked ‹‹   ›› Pria - Man ‹‹   ›› Walk with Me ‹‹
2013 | 29 mins | Sweden   2017 | 22 mins | Indonesia   2016 | 15 mins | US
Straight to the world students Erik and Anthony are forced to come to terms with their newfound sexuality after a night of off-screen alcohol-infused passion. Yet whilst Anthony accepts that he's no longer who he thought he was, Erik is clinging to his heterosexual façade, refusing to accept ›››   This heartfelt short shines the spotlight on arranged marriages within the Muslim community and in particular those gay teenagers seemingly caught in the trap of longing to explore their true sexuality; yet knowing they must honour tradition. For it's that oxymoron that finds young Aris in ›››   This enchanting cinematic ode to romance begins with lonesome Eric out walking his dog, only to bump into the sexually confident Ryan. Staring into each other's eyes for that second longer than a casual glance, Ryan on the spur of the moment asks Eric to "walk with me" on the pretence of going to a ›››
›› One Night Only ‹‹   ›› Tapette - The Mousetrap ‹‹   ›› Tapette - The Mousetrap ‹‹
2017 | 10 mins | Australia   2016 | 25 mins | France   [ publicity still from the film short ]
When all-round cutie Tyler gatecrashes a party, he's invited to the bedroom of his online hook-up for the night Theo; namely a man only too keen to get down to some serious man-sex, provided Tyler removes the make-up he arrived in. But is Tyler prepared to swallow his sexual pride for ›››   Hapless builder Michel is incensed by a comment from his best friend Thierry that he could be gay, a remark that prompts him to come out to his girlfriend Charlotte, only to find that she's as unconvinced that he's gay, as he is. So what's a seemingly straight boy to do to prove he's gay? The answer is ›››    
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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Overall Duration - 101 mins. 
VOD Release Date - 17th November, 2018. 

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