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Once again New Queer Visions showcase a stunning collection of wondrous short films, in a series of six tales that between them depict a compelling picture of gay parenthood and grief, a powerful take on coming out in the face of presidential prejudice,
a captivating exploration of male friendship and sexuality, an achingly realistic depiction of finding love
even in the most harshest of environments and from the agonising wait for the outcome
of an HIV test, to that of a wondrous coming out styled comedy of errors.
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›› Seat Belt ‹‹   ›› Before It's Too Late ‹‹   ›› Ajar - Entreabierto ‹‹
2018 | 25 mins | Mexico   2019 | 15 mins | Brazil   2018 | 11 mins | Uruguay
This poignant short film that tells the story of Julio and Damián; namely a couple who are as devoted to each other as they are to their adopted son Andrés. Yet when Damián takes ill in the middle of the night and never recovers, Julio is left not only mourning the loss of his partner, but questioning his ›››   Cue the lives of teen country music stars Cauê and Julian; a pair of likeable young lads who are officially straight to the world. Only when a midnight swim leads to some tender man-on-man lip-service, the two are left to decide between forever staying in the closet or outing themselves with pride ›››   Reworking the ever popular theme of "falling in love with your straight best friend" to that of "falling in love with your newly found roommate", here we find Felipe becoming increasingly aware of his sexual attraction to his new-found roommate Bruno; feelings that he was not expecting, nor prepared for ›››
›› Guacho ‹‹   ›› The Grey Zones ‹‹   ›› Orizaba's Peak ‹‹
2018 | 20 mins | Argentina   2018 | 17 mins | Colombia   2017 | 11 mins | Mexico
This down-to-earth short film focuses on the lives of best friends Darío and Maikol; a pair of likeable young lads raised in the poverty stricken ghettos of Argentina. Opting to break free from their mundane existence, if just for a day, they're set to discover that the reality of their lives cannot be so easily ›››   This deeply poignant short film follows the life of twenty-one-year-old Nicolás in the days following his decision to undergo a test for HIV. Opening with a series of medical and all too personal questions, the narrative charts his interplay with his family during the agonising wait for the result. In short, this ›››   This delightful variant of the theme of coming out tells the story of two best friends who meet for a beer at a local bistro. Only when one of the two men reveals how a book has given him the confidence to accept who he is for the first time in his life, his best friend puts two and two together and makes ›››
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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Overall Duration - 98 mins. 
VOD Release Date - 21st February, 2021. 

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