Once again New Queer Visions showcase a stunning collection of wondrous short films, in a series of six tales that between them highlight the stark repercussions of a threesome, long suppressed home truths coming out in the open, the ever unwavering hope
that love beckons between the sheets of a one-night stand, a poignant variant on the theme of the
Good Samaritan, and from a compelling insight into a mother / daughter relationship,
to a striking reflection of a life lived without the inherent joy for living.
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›› Three - Shlosha ‹‹   ›› A Trip to the Desert ‹‹   ›› Rubber Dolphin ‹‹
2018 | 22 mins | Israel   2016 | 12 mins | Israel   2018 | 28 mins | Israel
When a night out clubbing finds Nimrod flirting with a part-time life model, his partner Udi is furious and all too hesitant to go along with his boyfriend's proposal to have a threesome. Only what happens when the night after finds your lover yearning to be in the company of - the other man? ›››   When their best friend Yossi gets lost in the desert, openly gay Lior and deeply religious Elad set out to find him, only for their quest to reveal how they truly feel about each other, as a series of long suppressed home truths, if not outright prejudice, come out in the open. And therein lies the bitter irony ›››   This striking short film has a sensuous feeling of intimacy to it, which is just as well as it follows the lives of two 20-something men, who meet for a one-night stand that gradually develops into a stay-over, as the two get to know each other in ways that go beyond sex. Well-played throughout ›››
›› Stav ‹‹   ›› After His Death ‹‹   ›› Leave of Absence ‹‹
2018 | 10 mins | Israel   2017 | 11 mins | Israel   2016 | 17 mins | Israel
Desperately searching for a teen in her care, a youth volunteer worker finds her life turned upside down when she finally locates Stav in the darkened backstreets of the city, only to find that he has no interest in being found; being more concerned with turning tricks in the middle of the night. In short ›››   When a gay daughter mourning the loss of her father discovers a series of photos of her father with another man, she goes out of her way to seek out her father's male lover, much against the wishes of her mother who knew of the affair, but opted to keep it hidden from her family - until now ›››   When the perfect peroxide blonde turns out to be anything but, Meir, a history teacher on leave, chances upon three of his former students who persuade him to take part in an unofficial video shoot they're doing at the local swimming pool. At first reluctant to go along with them, Meir delights the youths ›››
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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Overall Duration - 100 mins. 
VOD Release Date - 22nd January, 2020. 

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