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Once again New Queer Visions showcase a stunning collection of wondrous short films, in a series of five tales that between them highlight opposing views on to thy ownself being true, the hunt for sex of the no strings and no condom attached variety, a young man
determined to break the boundaries of the student / teacher relationship, the real face of sexual prejudice
and the heart-warming close bond between a gay transvestite and his devoted mother.
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›› Hotel Boy ‹‹   ›› Poz ‹‹   ›› Young Man's Dance ‹‹
2018 | 12 mins | Denmark   2016 | 24 mins | Denmark   2014 | 12 mins | Denmark
Samir; an openly gay youth is in love with a man almost twice his age. Yet their nights of passion are forever held behind closed doors, given the object of his desire is Stefan Schmidt; a respected politician who is keen to keep their relationship a secret. Only is Stefan about to discover that this boy's ›››   Oliver and Cilie have a special bond, one that goes far beyond your typical brother / sister relationship. Yet what does Cilie really know about her brother, given this is a man who would rather be out hunting for sex of the no strings and no condom attached variety, than attend her birthday party ›››   Mattis' love of life is ballroom dance. Yet it's an interest that's not shared by his father. Alone and dejected, he seeks solace in the arms of his dance tutor; a man well aware of the boundaries of the student / teacher relationship. Yet what is he to do with a pupil determined to break them? This sexual ›››
›› Swans - Svans ‹‹   ›› Ladyboy ‹‹   ›› Poz ‹‹
2016 | 18 mins | Denmark   2011 | 30 mins | Denmark   [ publicity still from the film short ]
This thought-provoking short film focuses on the life of Aksel; a young man who loves nothing more than to hang out with his fellow teammates who are as much into football, as they're into girls. Yet Aksel has a secret, given he's in a sexual relationship with Alexander; a youth who's not just open ›››   There's something quite endearing about this short film that tells the story of the close bond between a gay transvestite and his devoted mother. Only when Kristian's mother Emma falls for the charming but alcoholic Søren; a man rooted in prejudice, Kristian is soon to find that there's little space left ›››    
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Gay Visibility - overt. 
Overall Duration - 96 mins. 
VOD Release Date - 7th November, 2019. 

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