a film by Rob Williams
2012 | 84 mins | US
›› The Men Next Door
falling in love with the men next door.
The Men Next Door by Rob Williams
Adapted Synopsis:-

As he reluctantly celebrates his 40th birthday, Doug finds himself falling for two very different, yet equally lovable men: 50-year-old Jacob who came out later in life and 30-year-old Colton, who literally is the boy next door.

Only what Doug doesn't know is that the two men are, in fact, father and son, in a romantic comedy that's all about finding love, if a little too close to home.
The Men Next Door by Rob Williams
Dave Says:-

You have to hand it to writer and director Rob (Make the Yuletide Gay, Role / Play) Williams in that he clearly knows how to entertain the boys and this, his latest feature, is ejaculating with all that makes a gay romantic comedy, work. Or to put it another way, if you cut away from all of the lush man candy and full monty to be had, you'll find a sparkling tale of romance, as the classic love triangle scenario is played out once again; albeit with a unique(?) father and son twist.

Sure it's wacky in places, with Heidi Rhodes joyously OTT in her role of Doug's best friend Evelyn and yet the light-hearted nature of the "can the boy have his man-cake and eat it?" theme is given a dramatic makeover at just the right moment, so as to prompt the question - with whom does Doug's heart truly lie?

Yes, a few minor fault lines can be found along the way, but and as ever Williams has done wonders working with both a limited budget and a tight shooting schedule, aided by cast and crew who are more than familiar with the nature of the indie genre and here cue a "can you spot them" list of players that include leads Eric (Nine Lives) Dean and Benjamin (The Love Patient) Lutz, alongside David (Bite Marks) Alanson, Mark (The Seminarian) Cirillo, Christopher (Requited) Schram, together with Ronnie (Into the Lion's Den) Kroell as boyfriend material - mmm. Yet in a feature overflowing with a bevy of cuties both in and out of their briefs, it remains the engaging central trio of Dean, Lutz and Michael Nicklin as the daddy of the piece who charm throughout, with all three offering some beautifully touching moments, with Dean in particular wonderfully encompassing the mindset of a man who for the life of him cannot choose between his two lovers, both of whom view him as "their" boyfriend.

Kind of goes without saying that the result is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, in a work that and along with all too few titles, Christopher Plummer in Beginners to name but one, continues to break the gay cinematic taboo by showcasing love between men, regardless of their differing age groups. Indeed there's a lot to like here, all of which makes this spirited romantic comedy yet another winner, from Williams. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the full monty. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the Guest House Films catalogue: 11.December.2012 / US.
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue: 14.January.2013 / UK.
principal players: Eric Dean / Doug, Michael Nicklin / Jacob, Benjamin Lutz / Colton, Christopher Schram / Philip,
Mark Cirillo / Woody, Devon Michael Jones / Derek, Heidi Rhodes / Evelyn and David Alanson as Will.
cameo appearances by Ronnie Kroell as Darren and Trevor Knight as the Temp.
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