a film by Joey Sylvester
2011 | 88 mins | US
›› Walk a Mile in My Pradas
a comic lesson for homophobic minds.
Walk a Mile in My Pradas by Joey Sylvester
Adapted Synopsis:-

Two weeks before he is due to get married, homophobic construction worker Tony finds that he has suddenly switched sexual orientations with his gay co-worker Steve, thanks to a magical Christmas angel. Now walking in each other's sexual shoes, both must get real with their true sexualities, in time for the sound of wedding bells.

Dave Says:-

Okay, I can already hear voices being raised that this is nothing more than and as All Over the Guy writer and star Dan Bucatinsky said of the feature In & Out, that of a work that plays to "every clichéd homophobic stereotypical idea of what it means to be gay."
Walk a Mile in My Pradas by Joey Sylvester
And those words certainly ring true here, given all too many jokes are at the expense of stereotype; be it both gay and straight. Yet it equally has to be said, that the fact that films of this nature have to be produced to this day is in effect, a sad reflection on society and how certain individuals still have a problem with those who gloriously walk a different sexual path in life.

In short, this is a film that finds director Joey Sylvester of Stuck in the Closet fame, alongside writers and featured actors Rick Karatas and Tom Archdeacon on a mission to show homophobia for what it is and in this case, making those of prejudiced views, walk a mile in our fabulous shoes. That the ensemble cast play it for all its worth, goes without saying, with Nathaniel Marston of One Life to Live fame every inch the macho, if faithful hetero of the piece, trying to figure out where his heterosexuality went before wedding bells toll, just as co-writer, producer and joint lead Tom Archdeacon clearly delights in the scenario, even if his straight persona is just too Neanderthal a caricature.

And therein lies one of the negatives in the mix. But on a positive note, it's well played and produced throughout, given and as somewhat expected the reversed sexuality of the protagonists causes all sorts of problems with their respective relationships: Tony with his fiancée Sarah and Steve with his yearning to be married boyfriend Michael; namely a charming turn from Emrhys Cooper. And whilst the theme itself becomes increasingly OTT, in particular and as is often the case, when returning swapped minds to rightful bodies, the whole experience is nevertheless uplifted by the yuletide setting, together with a series of sparkling performances, not least from Dee (ET) Wallace as Tony's mother and an English teacher who just can't help herself from correcting everyone's grammar - is that apostrophe is the right place?

True and whilst to many Tom (Happy Endings) Arnold as the boss with a-longing for love will be the big name of the piece, this is a work in which all players make the most of their screen time, no matter how limited it turned out to be, given lines from Jason Stuart as Doctor Feist and an appearance from Bunny Levine as Sister Betty end up almost stealing the show and an upbeat show at that too, laced as it is with a series of comical sequences, whilst ever preaching the message of gay rights. And frankly, that's a message well worth repeating, even if the comedy itself is all too wrapped up in every clichéd stereotypical mannerism you can think of, apart that is from one scene that brings the reality of being gay, all too brutally home. That I have issues with stereotypical works, is reflected in the rating, even if and to the credit of one and all, many a scene of man-on-man lip-service is to be found, in this comic lesson for homophobic minds. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 2 stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the Breaking Glass UK catalogue: 28.January.2013 / UK.
principal players: Nathaniel Marston / Tony, Tom Archdeacon / Steve, Mike Starr / John, Dee Wallace / Mary,
Kirsten Lea / Sarah, Emrhys Cooper / Michael, Rick Karatas / Brian and Tom Arnold as Joe Bergers.
cameo appearances by Jason Stuart as Doctor Feist
and Bruce Vilanch as himself.
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