a film by Terracino
2012 | 90 mins | US
›› Elliot Loves
a touching "two tales in one" piece on finding love.
Elliot Loves by Terracino
Adapted Synopsis:-

Cutie Elliot has only wanted one thing in life and that's to be loved. Trouble is "unlucky in love" would appear to be his middle name, having found himself the unwanted love child to a mother who and like himself is searching for love, only in all the wrong places.

Yet when sexy go-go dancer Kiko enters Elliot's life, could Cupid's arrow finally be heading his way?
Elliot Loves by Terracino
Dave Says:-

Weaving differing plot strands into a single scenario can be a difficult tightrope to walk, given here we encounter the inquisitive mind of nine-year-old Elliot, only to incessantly flash-forward to the adult body of the man, still looking for love. Thankfully and in his debut feature Terracino of My Polish Waiter credit charms with a "two tales in one" piece, with Quentin Davis Araujo a pure joy as the young Elliot ever attentive on his mother, leaving Fabio (Cabalerno) Costaprado relishing in the role of an openly gay man longing to find the one.

True, the ending was all but guaranteed to be upbeat from the onset and yet this is far from being a rose-tinted affair, given and in writer and director Terracino's hands, Elliot repeatedly faces the hard knocks of life, forever to be found falling for men who are either commitment shy, into threesomes or out to play, when their boyfriend's away. Brought up by a devoted mother, if absent father, only to face the brutal hands of an abusive step-father to be, Terracino weaves his seductive story in a work that and like many a film of recent times, Suicide Room included, merges animation with live action sequences.

Sure, a number of side characters are crying out for narrative development and yes, the intercutting of the separate plot strands often leaves one story just when it was getting interesting. But that said, both sides of the same cinematic coin delight, in a feature in which Elena Goode shines in the role of Elliot's mother, who like her son dreams of finding happiness; be it love or winning the bounty of the latest television game show.

Oozing with charm and sweetness, yet countered with the stark realities of life, think eviction for one, this is a work that is proudly gay to the core and Latino gay at that too, as bed-hopping Elliot is seen going from one new man in his life to another; albeit always with a broken heart. Laced with a series of bittersweet moments as a result, this is a film that and by no surprise is all about love, one that has Monte Bezell as lover boy Joe deliver its most poignant line. Tender, touching and unlike many a downbeat feature of late, wonderfully heart-warming. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue: 12.November.2012 / UK.
principal players: Elena Goode / Ma, Quentin Davis Araujo / 9-year-old Elliot, Fabio Costaprado / 21-year-old Elliot,
Elaine del Valle / Aunt Carmen, Monte Bezell / Joe, Jermaine Montell / Kiko, Benjamin Bauman / Danny,
Mo Brown / Sally, Robin de Jesus / Hector, Rafael Sardina / Mikey, Edward Cruz / Octavio,
Erin Fogel / Mrs Mills and Guillermo Iván as Fabian.
dedication - for Samantha and Lisa.
Copyright 2012 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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