a film by Tova Magnusson-Norling
2010 | 87 mins | Sweden
›› Four More Years - Fyra år till
falling in love with the one man you shouldn't fall for.
Four More Years by Tova Magnusson-Norling
Adapted Synopsis:-

David Holst; one of Sweden's most popular politicians, is handsome, officially straight and predicted to be the country's next Prime Minister.

Only when a seemingly certain victory results in a humbling defeat, David's world is turned upside down and in more ways than one, when he finds himself falling for the seductive charms of Martin; the out and proud up-and-comer of the party that won the election and the one man he cannot, should not fall head over heels in love with. As politics and romance collide, just where do David's loyalties lie, with his heart or with his political mind?
Four More Years by Tova Magnusson-Norling
Dave Says:-

From multi-talented actress and director Tova Magnusson-Norling comes this wonderfully refreshing take on falling in love with a member of the opposite side of the political divide.

Only as vibrant as the performances from one and all are, including Magnusson-Norling herself in the role of David's feisty wife Fia, the charm of this feature lies with its pick 'n' eccentric mix of characters; from oddball styled blind dates to David's quirky roofer of a mother, here you just never know what to expect, as a succession of unique individuals arrive when you and for that matter David, least expect.

Sure, in essence this is a work of opposites and not just the opposing political minds of its protagonists, but that of contrasting lifestyles, as David's limited, if non-existent experience with the same-sex lies in marked contrast to Martin's history of having had many a man after midnight. And whilst the screenplay, as somewhat to be expected, does get a bit too political at times, such is the beauty of Wilhelm Behrman's screenplay, that a series of comical lines punctuate the party political dialogue, including a strikingly fresh take on the coming out scenario.

Well-executed from start to finish, Magnusson-Norling has delivered a feature that whilst more drama than comedy is still gloriously gay to the core, complete with some lush scenes of the two men clearly delighting in each other's company; dating fashion. Yes, their love is a roller coaster ride, with David's heart ever in battle with his political allegiance. Yet theirs is a realistic bond, thanks to Björn Kjellman and Eric Ericson cast for their suitability for the role and here cue their age and acting prowess, rather than any buffed to perfection six-packs. And as a film, it has a remarkably natural feel to it, showcasing the fact that Swedish gay cinema is out, proud and definitely worth taking a-look. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the side monty. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue: 24.September.2012 / UK.
principal players: Björn Kjellman / David Holst, Eric Ericson / Martin, Tova Magnusson-Norling / Fia,
André Wickström / Jörgen, Sten Ljunggren / Josef, Inger Heyman / Ingrid,
Iwar Wiklander / Sven, Jacob Nordenson / Edvard and Richard Ulfsäter as Hugo.
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