a short film by Vince Mascoli
2009 | 5 mins | US
›› Dear Dad, Love Maria
a poignant letter of transgendered love.
Dear Dad, Love Maria by Vince Mascoli

From both the directorial and artistic pen of Vince Mascoli comes this poignant letter of transgendered love.

For on the eve of her male to female sex-change operation, transsexual Maria finds the time to write to her disapproving father, heartfelt words that ask not for acceptance; rather sent for his knowledge and understanding.

Dave Says:-

Seldom have so many transsexual home truths been spoken in such a short space of time, as here we find Mascoli deliver an emotional life story, cartoon style, complete with a commentary that speaks of a brother who doesn't want another sister, a father angered at having lost his son and of an individual having the courage to change into who they want to be.

Intercut with the telling line "you have to understand that my body isn't yours," together with the haunting score by Evelyn (Sandy's theme) Evelyn, this is a work clearly from the heart. And a big heart, at that too.

Sexuality - transgender. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
screened as part of the 4th IRIS Prize International Film Festival, 2010.
with the voice of Natalie Cake as Maria.
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