a short film by Elliot London
2010 | 11 mins | US
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just how well do you know your partner?
306 by Elliot London

Eric; a college student seemingly has it all; the looks, the intellect and the love of his long-term companion. Only as the trust and betrayal narrative turns the tables on a day in the life of this seemingly normal student, the question beckons - just how well do you know your partner?

Dave Says:-

Wonderfully exemplifying the art of silent storytelling, here we find Elliot London, alongside co-writer Gregory Phelan delight in dropping subtle hints here and there, as to the surprise conclusion to be had.

Sure and as with all twists, some may have already guessed the narrative revelation, whilst to others the ending can only but add to the enjoyment of a compelling short film, that in this instance is lovingly accompanied by the emotional piano score of Mark Chiat, one that perfectly conveys the unspoken feelings of lead actor Brian Estel. Indeed, as a dialogue free work, this short packs quite an expressive punch, being beautifully rendered throughout. Simply exquisite.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
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screened as part of the 4th IRIS Prize International Film Festival, 2010.
principal players: Brian Estel as Eric and Scott Lynch-Giddings as Mr Smith.
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