a film by Sabine Bernardi
2011 | 94 mins | Germany
›› Romeos
the transgendered path to love.
Romeos by Sabine Bernardi
Official Synopsis:-

When twenty-year-old Lukas arrives in Cologne, a summer of late nights and clubs heaving with hot guys awaits. Yet Lukas has a secret that he has chosen to leave behind, as best friend Ine knows all too well.

Like most young adults their age, the pair indulge in parties and alcohol with abandon, helping Lukas overcome what makes him 'different' from everyone else. However, when hunky neighbourhood catch Fabio appears, a heated attraction between the two develops - until Fabio accesses the secret of Lukas's identity. Despite their differences, will love conquer all?
Romeos by Sabine Bernardi
Dave Says:-

Like many a film beforehand, Boys Don't Cry and Different for Girls included, writer and director Sabine Bernardi has crafted a feature that whilst acutely highlighting the trials and tribulations of living life on the transgendered path, is equally achingly touching in its humanity.

Only this is not a spoiler, given Lukas' sexual status is but the cinematic foundation stone of this work. And it is one that is wonderfully played, with Maximilian Befort vividly conveying the inner feelings of an alpha male clearly struggling to come to terms with his desire for a boy, born a girl. Yet at heart this is the Rick Okon show and here Okon shines in the role of Lukas, complimented by the fine work from Liv Lisa Fries as his lesbian rock of support, only to have relationship issues of her own. Thankfully in a piece in which the on-again / off-again cycle of the trio's troubled friendships forms its emotional core, you'll find Bernardi adding many a neat touch, with the camera ever homoerotically lingering on Fabio's naked torso, akin to the body beautiful of Lukas' dreams, only to cut to the reality of his situation by way of a series of English spoken webcam deliveries.

Yet it is the time that Bernardi takes detailing Lukas' overwhelming fear of the transgendered truth being discovered, being all too ill-at-ease to remove his top in the sweltering summer, juxtaposed with his sheer joy at being taken for one of the boys, that gives this work its added meaning and soul, together with it has to be said a heartwarming finale, one that can only but beckon the question of who's behind the camera? As if, seasoned romantics do not know. All of which makes for a vibrant variant of the "falling in love with your best friend" genre, one that is as refreshing, as it is compassionately delivered, being in effect one of the most honest portrayals of sexual identity in recent years, aided by the sizzling chemistry between the two leads. Indeed as a film, it could well leave you questioning your own views on the subject, so realistic is the whole affair handled, in particular by Okon. Simply delightful.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue 09.July.2012 / UK.
principal players: Rick Okon / Lukas, Maximilian Befort / Fabio, Liv Lisa Fries / Ine, Felix Brocke / Sven,
Silke Geertz / Annette; Director of Nursing, Gilles Tschudi / Mr Boeken, Sigrid Burkholder /
Lukas' Mother, Johannes Schwab / Lukas' Father and Tessa Lukat as Leila.
special cameo appearance by Ralf Rotterdam as Cassy Carrington.
song: "I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger" / traditional, sung by Andreas Scholl.
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