a film by Devin Hamilton
2010 | 78 mins | US
›› Shut Up and Kiss Me
a heartfelt look at the search for love.
Shut Up and Kiss Me by Devin Hamilton
Official Synopsis:-

Following the trials and tribulations of Ben as he faces the perilous world of video and online dating, whilst looking for more than just sex.

After trying out a number of different men and dating methods, Ben finally stumbles across Grey. The chemistry between the two is instant. But what happens when you meet someone, who doesn't share the same beliefs about relationships that you do?
Shut Up and Kiss Me by Devin Hamilton
Dave Says:-

Whilst directed by Devin Hamilton, this is in truth as much the work of writer, co-producer and star Ronnie Kerr of Regarding Billy fame, upon whose life experiences it is based. And it makes for a heartfelt look at the search for love as a result, as we come to witness his, aka Ben's numerous ill-fated attempts at the dating process, until that is the one comes running by - literally, paving the way for true love to come face to face with a partner who just cannot stop himself from playing the field. All of which prompts the age old question of whether you would prefer to be deaf to your lover's indiscretions, rather than hear the cheating music?

Providing the answer, of sorts, to the issue are Ben's sexually diverse group of friends; a nice touch, even if the ensemble ranges from the stereotypical man-hungry gay boy, to the homo friendly, but clearly hetero blooded Italian male. Yet this is not to say that the cast play their parts badly; far from it, as one and all deliver a series of beautifully natural turns, in particular sweet as sugar Kerr and Scott Gabelein as the man who keeps on breaking his commitment heart.

That the film raises more questions, than it answers, was perhaps to be expected, given in setting up its relationship stall around a man who cannot be true and another in which "monogamy" is but his middle name, Cupid's arrow was bound to be confused, resulting in a solution to their problematic bond that is "different" to say the least and certainly not for everyone. But that said, this is a gay love story that is not afraid to rejoice in scenes of same-sex affection, including acts of lush man-on-man lip-service and nakedly yours, encounters in the night. That Hamilton worked his way around the restrictions of a limited budget, is to his credit, even if a blatant continuity error is all too obvious in its key "boy meets boy" scene. Nevertheless, this is a solid pro gay work, although seasoned romantics may want to stop at the sixty-five minute mark. Then again, perhaps not?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the full monty. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 09.July.2012 / UK.
principal players: Ronnie Kerr / Ben, Scott Gabelein / Grey,
Jennifer Ruth Jones / Sara, Nate Scholz / Brad, Isaac Brantner / James,
Kindall Kolins / Callie and Joey Russo as Vinnie.
special appearances by David Moretti as Roy and Fia S Perera as the Dating Service Lady.
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