a film by Fred M Caruso
2011 | 78 mins | US
›› Go Go Crazy
a mockumentary of the Go Go Dancing scene.
Go Go Crazy by Fred M Caruso
Official Synopsis:-

Welcome to Go Go Crazy: a contest where talent and ambition take a backseat to speedos and desperation. Five shameless contestants with little to gain and nothing to lose take to the stage in a gay nightclub for a chance to achieve go go boy glory and a $1000 cash prize. On the judging panel are a burned out porn star, a Celine Dion embodier and the raunchy nightclub owner - all of whom threaten to steal the spotlight from the fame-hungry, back-stabbing contestants.

Starring iconic drag comedian Hedda Lettuce, gay adult film star Jake Steel and some sexy Broadway actors.
Go Go Crazy by Fred M Caruso
Dave Says:-

Played mockumentary fashion, this parody of the Go Go Dancing scene whilst fun, could have been a lot better. Thankfully Steven Polito as the one and only "Hedda Lettuce" drags the show together and in more ways than one, leaving The Big Gay Musical co-director Fred M Caruso to delight in outrageous hairstyles, wigs and names so OTT, that they wouldn't be out of place in the Carry On series.

That some of the overlong and frankly tedious "meet the contestants" commentaries work better than others, goes without saying, given the central characters are so superficial, that there's no emotional connection to be had. But that said, Christina Bianco shines as the alcoholic Celine Dion impersonator on the judging panel, whilst Ryan Windish excels as the hunky "straight boy" of the piece, solely in the contest for the money. That real life adult film star Jake Steel, cast here as "Blake Goldenrod" is seen throughout with his pants on, may disappoint some, but the dancing, at times deliberately comical will please, including the gayest version of Swan Lake to hit the screen, even if Michael Cusumano's accent appears straight out of the meerkat commercials.

Sure, it's amusing in parts, thanks largely to a spirited turn from La Lettuce, but as a send-up of the Go Go genre, even with its bevy of dancing cuties, Michael J Saul's short film Go Go Reject has more bite. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

›› Available to buy from Amazon.com.
available on DVD as part of the Breaking Glass Pictures catalogue 22.November.2011 / US.
"The Semi-Finalists"
Paul Cereghino / Chase, Michael Cusumano / Kiernon, Nick Kenkel / Vinnie,
Eric Spear / Ken and Ryan Windish / Connor.

"The Judges"
Christina Bianco / Tina Perkins, Rick Crom / Hank, the Nightclub Owner
and Jake Steel as Blake Goldenrod.

with Steven Polito aka "Hedda Lettuce" as The Hostess
and Derek St Pierre as Simon Wolff; the Event Co-Ordinator.
cameo appearance by Fred M Caruso as the Voice of the Porn Producer.
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