a film by C Jay Cox
2007 | 100 mins | US
›› Kiss the Bride
My Best Friend's Wedding; gay style.
Kiss the Bride by C Jay Cox Taking inspiration from, whilst equally having a lot of fun at the expense of the My Best Friend's Wedding scenario, here director C Jay Cox of Latter Days fame tells the story of gay boy Matt, who much to his surprise finds himself invited to the wedding of his first love Ryan, namely the one that he's never quite got over, in spite of having gone their separate ways ten years ago. Yet that isn't the only surprise that awaits our boy, when the love of Ryan's life turns out to be a woman. Determined to reclaim the object of his affection in true Julianne Potter style, Matt returns to his home town. Only just how do you go about telling the beautiful bride-to-be, that you're in love with her man?

Delivering one hit after another is a cinematic tightrope that only the greats can walk and here it has to be said that Cox has done better work. But that said, this feature is not without a host of sparkling turns, with Tori Spelling gloriously vibrant in the role of Ryan's fiancée Alex. That her name is often associated with the lovable gay feature Trick, mirrors a film in which many a familiar face is to be seen and here cue Steve (Latter Days) Sandvoss and Michael (Going Down in LA LA LAND) Medico as the best men of the piece, whilst Charlie (Judas Kiss plus) David can be found as Matt's just gone ex Joey, not overlooking Dean (Touch of Pink) McDermott as a sexy male stripper hired for some hen party fun.

Kiss the Bride by C Jay Cox Yet for all of the notable cast members, including Amber Benson and a host of veteran actors giving their all in support, the central relationship between the boys lacks the sexual sparkle critical to the success of a work of this nature. Not that Philipp Karner and James O'Shea are to blame, given both play their contrasting roles well and more besides, having dropped everything when called for. Only with a script that opts for flashbacks to convey homoerotic intensity, let alone having set out to question society's pigeon-hole attitude towards sexual orientation, this is a film that was clearly going to be different to the standard rainbow romantic offering, in particular come the final reel.

Thankfully between all of the comical moments to be had, you'll find the Karner and O'Shea buffed to perfection cuties getting down to some manly lip-service, in a work that whilst far from being a gay classic is still a lot of bubbly, light-hearted fun, with Tori Spelling and Jane Cho in the role of Matt's sexual confidant, all but stealing the show.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the Liberation Entertainment catalogue 18.November.2008 / US.
starring: Tori Spelling / Alex Golski, Philipp Karner / Matt Roman, James O'Shea / Ryan Woodson,
Joanna Cassidy / Evelyn Golski, Tess Harper / Barbara, Robert Foxworth / Wayne Woodson,
Garrett M Brown / Gerald Golski, Amber Benson / Elly Golski, Steve Sandvoss / Sean,
Michael Medico / Chris, Jane Cho / Stephanie, Dean McDermott / the Plumber
and E E Bell as Dan, the Mattress King.
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