a film by JC Calciano
2011 | 91 mins | US
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how love can slip through your fingers.
eCupid by JC Calciano From writer and director JC Calciano of Is It Just Me? fame comes this feel-good comedy, with an ever so romantic heart.

Not that advertising ace Marshall knows that yet, his seven years spent with the man of his dreams, now turning into an itch that he's desperate to scratch. And scratch it he does, in the form of a "life of its own" styled matchmaking app that's guaranteed to find him, his one true love. Bored with the mundane assignments handed to him by his ever watchful boss and with his relationship seemingly stuck in a rut, it isn't long before raised voices result with long-term partner Gabe moving out and Marshall's fantasy men walking into his arms and here cue hot frat boy Dawson, sexy skater boy Myles and way too cute boy next door, Keith. Yet as all three vie for his company, just who does Marshall want to spend his life forever with?

eCupid by JC Calciano Intercut with a number of narrative flashbacks and complete with Andy Anderson and Joe Komara as the supportive LTR couple of the piece, Calciano has delivered a work that for all of its predictability, charms to the core. For look behind the bevy of muscular torsos and poolside pretty boys on show, let alone a conclusion that was never in doubt and you will find a meaningful sermon on how love can slip through your fingers, when texts, the web and the wonders of modern technology unknowingly take over your life.

True, the eCupid app whilst a neat variant at first, does become a shade overused and sure, the whole affair is as lightweight as a helium filled balloon. Yet there's equally no denying that Calciano has built his good old fashioned love story upon solid comedy of incidents foundations, aided by a buckle load of lip-service from leads Houston Rhines and Noah Schuffman, even if it's up to a delightful cameo from Morgan Fairchild to remind them of where the heart truly lies. That its impassioned message on the perils of spending more time in front of your laptop and smartphone, than with the one you love, could have quite easily been delivered the straight way, equates to a director proud to make gay romantic comedy for the boys, one that here ticks all the right boxes. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 14.May.2012 / UK.
starring: Houston Rhines / Marshall, Noah Schuffman / Gabe, Andy Anderson / Chris 1, Joe Komara / Chris 2,
Matthew Scott Lewis / boy next door Keith, Mike Manning / sexy skater boy Myles, Galen Drever /
hot frat boy Dawson, Gary Riotto / party planner Carson, Brad Pennington /
would-be lover Richard and Chris Rubeiz as Jimmy.
cameo appearances by John Callahan as Mr Hutchington and Morgan Fairchild as Venus.
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