a short film by Bruno Collins
2011 | 15 mins | UK
›› The Morning After
waking up gay, the morning after, the night before.
The Morning After by Bruno Collins Have you ever woken up with a man in your bed and wondered - just how did he get there? Well that's the situation that all-round cutie Harry finds himself in, the morning after, the night before. Trouble is, Harry is straight. Or at least he thought he was, prompting him to rush into the all too willing arms of his liberal minded one time girlfriend Lucy, so as to prove his heterosexuality. Only with his newfound gay friend Thom just a text away, can Harry truly resist the seductive temptation of manflesh?

This is a good short film; well played and executed throughout, with writer and director Bruno Collins notably opting for a realistic, if somewhat bittersweet look at life and love. For like the recent BBC3 documentary charting the life changing experience of Chris Birch, here Collins vividly details the confused mindset of a straight man waking up - gay. True, the scenario is open to a number of interpretations thereafter; from gradual acceptance to outright rejection and whilst to add more would be a sexuality spoiler, suffice to say that this makes for a frank depiction of a young man attempting to come to terms with hitherto repressed desires and feelings, if not life itself. All of which makes for a job well done by the University of Hertfordshire boys. See what you think.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
starring: Joshua Berg / Harry, Luke Striffler / Thom, Juliet Lundholm / Lucy
and with Jane Alice as girlfriend Jess.
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