a short film by Nicholas Lam
2008 | 21 mins | US
›› Real Fiction
the cost of fame and fortune.
Real Fiction by Nicholas Lam Playing like the closing reel to a fully fledged feature, here writer and director Nicholas Lam delivers a soul searching work on the true cost paid for fame and fortune.

For aspiring writer Zach is as much in love with his boyfriend, as he is with the thought of penning the next international bestseller. Trouble is, nobody is interested in his manuscript, until that is a high powered literary agent reminds him of the old casting couch line that to get ahead, - well, you know the rest. In dire need of money to pay for his mother's hospital treatment and having discussed the situation with AJ, his partner of two years, Zach opts to let man of means Damien sample his charms for the night. Only it's just for one night, isn't it?

Real Fiction by Nicholas Lam Like a gay version of Indecent Proposal, here we find Lam walk similar cinematic ground, as a young couple clearly in love with each other, accept an offer that threatens to destroy their very relationship. Yet in Lam's assured hands, remarkably his first fictional work, the story takes on a life of its own, as a series of beautiful moments are crosscut with some decidedly dark tones, having hit a nerve by perniciously showcasing that once a third party enters the equation, things are rarely, if ever the same.

Well-executed, shot and scored throughout, Lam is aided by both a budget and a solid cast, with veteran actor Michael Gregory adding a touch of class to the proceedings as the manipulative agent of the piece, that of a man with a-liking for youthful man flesh, only to reveal his inner soul in the process. Along the way, Michael Garbe as Zach and Adam Hale as AJ wonderfully convey the growing distance between two lovers, with Garbe strong in the part of a man inadvertently leading his soul mate down the ever alarming spiral of drink, jealousy and violence. Winner of the 2007 Panavision New Filmmaker Award, this is a short film with a lot going for it, as the classic theme of ambition - at any price, rears its tragic head once again. Suffice to say - see what you think.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
starring: Michael Garbe / Zach, Adam Hale / AJ, Michael Gregory / Damien, Addie Daddio / Kate,
Matthew Rimmer / Agent Cunningham and Marcella Pabros-Clark as Doctor Lee.
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