a short film by Reid Waterer
2009 | 23 mins | US
›› You Canít Curry Love
a Bollywood styled romantic delight.
You Canít Curry Love by Reid Waterer Rounding off the current batch of FreeViews is this romantic delight, one that I originally reviewed as part of the IRIS Prize screenings of 2010. Sure it's corny in parts; but it's also fun, informative and like Mehul Shah's heartwarming Bollywood Beats, marks another step on the path of Indian gay rights and visibility. See what you think.

Given this cinematic ode to love from writer and director Reid Waterer plays like a fully fledged feature, namely a gay romantic comedy, complete with and as to be somewhat expected, some traditional styled dancing come the close of play. Before that however, it tells the story of Vikas; a London based, if Australian born Indian who has the hots for his boss Thom; namely a Scotsman with a-liking for dropping gay double entendres into the conversation, only to hide behind the conformity of his forthcoming marriage when it comes to matters of the homosexual heart. Yet when Vikas is sent to their Indian office, it is Vikasí heart that is taken, having been greeted by a hotel receptionist who is more than happy to show him the sights and not just the tourist destinations. Only with his business trip, now turned holiday romance rapidly drawing to a close, Vikas must decide whether to return home to the manly embrace of his closeted boss, or stay in India with the man of his Bollywood dreams. Just what is a boy to do?

In a work that cannot help but make you smile, Waterer triumphs in delivering the boy-meets-boy goods, even if the comical lines get no better than the title pun. Only here we find Waterer heading off to the pulpit between the many one-liners to be had, having taken time out to discuss a myriad of issues ranging from the Indian caste system, to the openness of men holding hands in public, to the Bollywood approach to gay visibility itself. Yet it is the pressure of having to be a dutiful, think straight son, let alone the rights or rather lack of them of the transgendered third gender hijra that strikes a chord here, in a visual mix in which a series of gentle, loving moments between the two leads act as a celluloid counterweight to the noticeable void of man-on-man lip-service. That it remains a pure romantic delight without such, is to Waterer's credit.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
screened as part of the 4th edition of the IRIS Prize International Film Festival, Wales - 2010.
starring: Ashwin Gore / Vikas, Rakshak Sahni / Sunil, G Russell Reynolds / Thom, Upasana Beharee / Amrita,
Rajan Velu / Hijra and William Vega as Swimmer.
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