a short film by Bill Taylor
2008 | 13 mins | Canada
›› Silver Road
never did a fond farewell, say so much.
Silver Road by Bill Taylor Yes, it's FreeView time once again folks and this delectable short film from writer and director Bill Taylor is certainly worth a look. It tells the story of childhood friends Danny and Mark and that of the farming community that has been their life to date. Yet the two are about to go their separate ways, with Danny set to head off in search of the bright lights and welcoming gay bars of Toronto, leaving Mark behind to care for the fields and girls that he loves so much. Neither has had sex, or seemingly a first kiss for that matter. Only is Danny about to change all that?

Filmed on location in the lush countryside of Caledon, Ontario, here Taylor vividly recalls the farming days of his youth, along the way wonderfully capturing the apprehension of a gay teenager determined to bid a "coming out" goodbye to his best friend, an act that and by no surprise, has the hetero man of the piece coming to the realisation that he never fully knew the boy he's grown up with, like he thought he did. Naturally played by its cast of two in a largely unhurried, laid-back style, this cinematic ode to letting go of the bonds that were, and like Daniel Falcone's Night Swimming, beautifully illustrates the diverging sexual identities of two young men. For never did a fond farewell, say so much. See what you think.

Gay Visibility - covert / overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
starring: Jonathan Keltz as Mark and Andrew Hachey as Danny.
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