a film by Antony Cordier
2005 | 102 mins | France
›› Cold Showers - Douches Froides
a rainbow less coming-of-age drama.
Cold Showers by Antony Cordier Some scenarios are almost bisexual by nature, given they could go one way or the other and whilst this film prefers to play it decidedly straight, in its wake it leaves a bounty of untapped homoeroticism.

For star of the local judo team Mickael is in love with sexually experimental local girl Vanessa, only for her heart to start missing a beat when new boy in town Clément, son of their affluent sponsor to be, joins the group. As one and all become inseparable in seemingly no time at all, a ménage à trois styled relationship comes to develop between them. Only is Mickael truly comfortable with this new found arrangement?

Cold Showers by Antony Cordier Contrasting the nouveau riche lifestyle of Clément's parents with the poverty stricken, cannot afford to pay the electricity bill, reality of Mickael's argumentative family background, here we find writer and director Antony Cordier delight in the coming-of-age genre, as the sensual hormones of adolescent youth are once again laid bare for all to see and in more ways, than one. Yet this is a mixed work, well acted throughout, but damaged by one too many unanswered questions having apparently ended up on the cutting room floor, even if Cordier beautifully showcases the uncertainly of life, as Mickael's floundering relationship with Vanessa is set against his parents' joyful reunion.

Yet for a film laced with a series of well staged sequences of two fit young men grabbing with each other on the judo floor, the homoerotic angle of the piece is almost none existent, even if full frontal nudity of all three protagonists is. Then again and whilst marketed toward a rainbow audience, this is not a gay film, leaving many a poignant point on coming out within the sporting arena, for other films. And yet the potential was here, that of a vibrant physical chemistry, only for Cordier to rejoice in Vanessa's sexual appetite, rather than let the boys delight in their mutual bond. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - none. 
Nudity - the full monty. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Breaking Glass Pictures catalogue / US.
starring: Johan Libéreau / Mickael, Salomé Stévenin / Vanessa, Florence Thomassin / Annie,
Jean-Philippe Écoffey / Gérard, Claire Nebout / Mathilde Steiner, Aurélien
Recoing / Louis Steiner and Pierre Perrier as Clément.
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