a film by Michael Simon
2011 | 95 mins | US
›› The Love Patient
a romantic take on getting back with your ex.
The Love Patient by Michael Simon In this his debut feature, writer and director Michael Simon of Gay Zombie / Is One of You Eddie? fame here delights in showcasing the lengths that one man goes to, to try and get back with his ex.

Trouble is, with his relationship over for almost a year, it finally dawns on heartbroken hunk Paul that his ex has both moved out and on with his life, a situation that is all the more complicated given Paul has still to work with his one time partner Brad, as part of the Miller Group's advertising team. Not that it helps Paul's pining heart that Brad is now dating bisexual office cutie Ted. Not used to losing and with his best friend Burt in dire need of funds to keep his father's cancer clinic open, Paul hatches a crazy scheme that in return for a cheque that won't bounce, he will become Burt's latest "terminally ill" patient. After all, surely Brad cannot fail but grant a "dying man" his last wish?

The Love Patient by Michael Simon What a host of oddball characters to be had, Simon builds his romantic comedy upon solid "oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive" foundations, as Paul's mother, father and ever suspicious sister speed their way to his bedside, complete with their own relationship issues. That his deceit takes on a life of its own, goes without saying. And yet and in spite of a film clearly delivered from the heart, something is missing here, given an unrealistic feel dominates throughout, courtesy of the medical ramifications of Paul's actions in the main, having been cast to the romcom wind.

What is not in doubt however is that this is a work full of gay pride, laced with lush eye-candy, scenes of man-on-man lip-service, together with many an endearing moment, in particular when the film settles down to deal with the consequences of the hoax itself. And whilst the ending was all but guaranteed from the onset, the path to it sure makes for a romantic, if somewhat lightweight ride, even though and to his credit Simon can at times be found with a poignant tone to his narrative, questioning how we seemingly only come to appreciate the true value of friends and family, let alone often come to turn to religion, in times of need and grief. Sermon over; stay tuned to the end credits, as one of the best liners is courtesy of an adlib found in the closing out-takes, with Benjamin Lutz and John Werskey to be seen in a totally different light in Mark Bessenger's gay vampire feature Bite Marks. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 23.January.2012 / UK.
starring: Benjamin Lutz / Paul, John Werskey / Brad, Madison Gray / Stephanie, Jackson Palmer / Ted,
Mike Pfaff / Burt, Laura Ulsh / Esther, John Kilpatrick / Walter, Denis O’Mahoney / Dr Halper,
Jeremy Herzig / Billy, Aaron Farkas / Jonathan, Marc J Raymond / Mr Miller,
Oto Brezina / Mr Dante and Jerry Ter Horst as 'Breakfast Boy' Gabe.
cameo appearance by Michael Simon as Mr Lowenthal.
dedicated to Harold.
official website:
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