a short film by Steven Tylor O'Connor
2010 | 10 mins | US
›› A Fairy Tale
boy meets boy; fairy godmother style.
A Fairy Tale by Steven Tylor O'Connor For fans of the gay prom date scenario, here actor, writer and director Steven Tylor O'Connor takes you on the ever popular journey of boy meets boy; albeit with the help of his fairy godmother.

Only out and proud and seemingly forever single Jack, doesn't know that yet. Watching his sister Jill leave hand in hand with her cutie boyfriend for the celebrated event of the school year, romance would appear to have passed him by. That is, until his fairy godmother Rose appears to make all his gay dreams come true; well almost, given that for some Jack has to let his lips do the talking.

A Fairy Tale by Steven Tylor O'Connor In an overused scenario and here cue Glee's heartbreaking tale that had in itself been previously done Ugly Betty style, nothing it has to be said is really new here. Yet and unlike the aforementioned prom outings, O'Connor ensures that as Jack, not a tear is to be shed by our boy for and just like his fairy godmother, his Prince Charming is set to appear out of nowhere. Not that this is a spoiler, given a gay happy ending was all but guaranteed from the onset given the films' campy lightweight feel and a tone that lets Keith Levy rip as his fabulous alter ego Sherry (The Queens of Drag: NYC) Vine, aka the drag attired fairy godmother of the piece.

Yet below all the sparkle and one-liners lies the serious theme of being open with your sexual self, a welcome "being who you are" message that here is delivered from the heart by Vine. Sure there are some negatives in the mix, including an ending in which the relationship between Jack and his Mr Right is somewhat underdeveloped. But it sure has the feel good factor about it, given you cannot help but smile as a sweet gay kiss greets our two lovers, without a homophobic voice to be heard. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 
starring: Sherry Vine / Rose, Steven Tylor O'Connor / Jack, Kelly Blunt / Jill, Paul Cereghino / Hansel,
Sam Snyder / Prince Charming and Jesse Hayes as the voice of the Radio Announcer.
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