a short film by Edwin Soto
yr ? | 8 mins | Spain
›› In Between Silence
words on life and love and the sound of silence.
In Between Silence by Edwin Soto
Focusing on how silent eye movements and facial expressions often say what the heart is holding back, here co-writer and director Edwin Soto tells the story of two strangers, runaways for different reasons, who meet in a bar, before moving onto a nearby hotel room for the real action. Only in this case it's not sex that's on the agenda. Rather its company and words on life and love, as this short film details a meeting of two minds.

Filmed over the course of one night with an amateur cast, this student media piece is as much concerned with the telling signs that you unknowingly give out in conversation, as it is with the basic human need for company. The result is a heart-warming, thoughtful work, somewhat constrained by its limited budget, having been shot way too dark in parts from my liking. That said, thankfully Soto stays true to his central theme, opting for a closing sound of silence, reflective of the Pythagoras quote and philosophical inline "silence is better than unmeaning words" and an end scene in which two gay men share a bed to say a lot about themselves, in relatively few sentences. In between silence, indeed.

Gay Visibility - covert. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 2 stars. 
starring: Josué Franco Olmo as Salvador Vas
and Juan Carlos Almaguer Meléndez as Frederico Marquez.
official website: Edwin Soto portfolio.
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