a film by Mark Bessenger
2011 | 82 mins | US
›› Bite Marks
good old fashioned vampire slayer fun, done gay style.
Bite Marks by Mark Bessenger For those yearning to get their cinematic teeth into something decidedly different, then this gay vampire parody is guaranteed to score an amusing, entertaining, if hardly demanding bite.

Not that gay couple Cary and Vogel know just what they are letting themselves in for when in backpacking across America in a bid to patch up their troubled relationship, they thumb down a lift courtesy of hunky, if sexually confused trucker Brewster. On his way to deliver a cargo of - er coffins and in need of company to keep himself awake, is it any surprise that when night falls they find themselves in the middle of a deserted scrap yard, with a lorry that's going nowhere. Alone and without a smartphone signal to be found, life's about to get a lot worse when come the midnight hour those coffins turn out to be anything but empty.

Bite Marks by Mark Bessenger With his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, here writer and director Mark Bessenger delights in serving up cheesy thrills and campy chills, in a feature that whilst largely well-executed and good on makeup, is far from being a scary ride. That said, Bessenger strikes up some nice scenes of homoerotic tension, playing on the closeted trucker scenario in an angle that could have easily gone the hardcore way. And probably has. Then again, is this any surprise with former adult film star David Townsend, now David Alanson on hand to provide the lush eye-candy goods. Cast as cutie Vogel, he is soon to be seen tempting Benjamin (The Love Patient) Lutz as Brewster to get down to some manly hanky-panky, leaving Windham Beacham of LTR and Back Soon fame as the films' relationship rock, even if the sexual sizzle lies between Mr Straight and Mr Flirtatious.

Thankfully one and all, including Lutz' The Love Patient screen boyfriend John Werskey here cast as the Mechanic, rise above the films' low budget, along the way casting many a traditional vampire rule to the wind, whilst somewhat ironically paying homage to the genre itself with a string of in-refs that add to the "carry on" and here think "chase me" feel of the piece. Complete with a cameo from horror name Stephen Geoffreys, aka adult star Sam Ritter as Brewster's religiously intense brother and rounded off with a quintet of thirsty vampires out for blood, the result is a film that in not taking itself seriously for a minute, is none other than good old fashioned vampire slayer fun, done gay style, even if it would have been better served had it pushed the horrific envelope further. Need more be said?

Only that the production company behind this feature is Blakk Flamingo Pictures, namely a partnership between gay porn directors Jett Blakk and Dink Flamingo; a collaboration that has given birth to films in which the cast and in the main, keep their clothes on, whilst getting their acting credentials out for the boys. And in an industry in which all too many pretty faces can be found discarded in the gutter of broken dreams, this marks a refreshing change of direction, with Alanson it has to be said, not at all bad in the part of the lovable rascal.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 

›› Available to buy from Amazon.com.
available on DVD as part of the Breaking Glass Pictures catalogue: 15.November.2011.
starring: Windham Beacham / Cary, Benjamin Lutz / Brewster, David Alanson / Vogel, Stephen Geoffreys / Walsh,
Phillip Henry Christopher / McDougall, John Werskey / the Mechanic, Jon Gale / Caplan, Racheal Rivera /
Waitress, Miranda Downey / Amber Lynn, Krystal Main / Chickula, Joel Erickson / Vampire #1,
Justin Fill / Vampire #2, Craig Fuchs / Vampire #3, Jason James / Vampire #4,
Stacey T Gillespie / Vampire #5 and Lou Cass as the Doomed Trucker.
official website: www.blakkflamingopictures.com
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