a film by Q Allan Brocka
2011 | 90 mins | US
›› Eating Out: Drama Camp
an eye-candy styled serving of the raunchy meal deal.
Eating Out: Drama Camp by Q Allan Brocka Followers of the series will know what to expect and suffice to say that here co-writer and director Q Allan Brocka delivers on the now somewhat predictable premise, even if fans of Rebekah Kochan will be left feeling short changed.

For here All You Can Eat lover boys Casey and Zack are back, along the way grabbing hold of their acting aspirations to join a sexual pic 'n' mix of wannabe stars at Dick Dickey's Drama Camp, including their friend and budding hetero director Jason. Only with their relationship going through a slump, it isn't long before Zack's eyes are found wandering in the direction of hunk with morals Benji, who not wishing to come between the two, as-it-were, ends up playing it straight - literally. Then again and with a strict "no sex on campus" policy the order of the day, courtesy of a sexually frustrated Dick, surely Casey doesn't have to worry about Zack being put through more than just his acting paces. Or does he?

Eating Out: Drama Camp by Q Allan Brocka And we all know what the answer to that is, as Brocka piles on the crude 'n' rude jokes, in this, the fourth and standalone instalment of the series. Relocated out of the city, but still with the sex, the result is the usual upbeat blend of crazy schemes and naked torsos, coupled with a Glee inspired "Drama Queen" musical interlude with Salvatore on lead and in this instance, an ever popular gay take on the words of the Bard; Taming of the Shrew style.

Only with many a cast member struggling to do their best with some way too corny lines, what is missing in this new character intense piece and in the main, is the natural comical presence of Rebekah Kochan, with her Tiffani appearance being little more than that of a one-scene cameo. All of which leaves Drew (Go Go Reject) Droege as stereotypical queen bitch Dick Dickey, Lilach Mendelovich as crazy actress 'n' worker Penny and an all too underused Mink Stole as lascivious Aunt Helen left to fill the comedy void.

That Harmony Santana of Gun Hill Road fame adds a nice transsexual touch to the proceedings as Jason's romantic interest, is a credit to a franchise that whilst still ludicrous enough to watch, is for many getting weaker with each serving. Still and for all of its pros and cons, the Eating Out meal deal remains on the menu; that of a raunchy gay romantic comedy, made by the boys, for the boys, packed with a series of double entendres that are delivered by a cast of seemingly more muscular eye-candy than ever, who and by no surprise end up breaking that golden "no sex" rule, bare-arsed cheek fashion. Only is that a bad thing?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the brief full monty. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 26.September.2011
starring: Chris Salvatore / Zack, Daniel Skelton / Casey, Aaron Milo / Benji, Lilach Mendelovich / Penny,
Harmony Santana / Lilly, Garikayi Mutambirwa / Jason, Drew Droege / Dick Dickey, Marikah
Cunningham / Genevieve, Ronnie Kroell / Beau, Steven Daigle / Conor, Rob Westin /
Matty, Joel Rush / Andy and Mink Stole as Aunt Helen.
cameo appearances by Jesse Archer / Roger,
Rebekah Kochan / Tiffani and Michael Serrato as Neil.
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