a short film by Eric Casaccio
2011 | 18 mins | US
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a close-up of the emotional times of a transgendered soul.
Freak by Eric Casaccio In a work delivered from the heart, writer and director Eric Casaccio offers a close-up of the emotional times of a transgendered soul, at the end of her acting tether.

Unemployed and with mounting debts, Sophia nee Randall is rapidly heading for a nervous breakdown. Desperate to land the role of The Freak, her hopes of running through her lines are thrown to the wind by the incessant interruptions of the answer machine. As calls from her agent and mother go unanswered as the ones from debt and temp agencies, it would appear that the only person sure to land a primetime part is her cute neighbour Dale. But is he?

Freak by Eric Casaccio Weaved around the show business adage of "be careful how you treat people as you make your way up the career ladder," Casaccio has crafted a short film that whilst clearly low on budget and resources, nevertheless poignantly captures the sheer hurt of living a life filled with ridicule and abuse. To that end, KC Morgan as fellow actor Dale delivers the bigoted goods of the piece, seemingly oblivious to the harm one word, one laugh can do, leaving Aaron Merken to emotionally showcase the troubled mind behind the makeup, that of a life lived in an "escape world" of beautiful objects as a means of shielding yourself from the homophobia / transphobia of others.

Complete with an upbeat, if somewhat predicable twist, this bittersweet work reminds you of the pain of prejudice and of the wear and tear of life's hard knocks. And not only in the narrative, but equally by way of the short itself, dedicated as-it-is to the memory of Lawrence King; a fifteen-year-old boy horrifically shot in 2008 whilst at school, solely on account of his sexual orientation, that of a tragedy that should never have happened. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - the pain of prejudice. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 
starring: Aaron Merken / Sophia - Randall and KC Morgan / Dale. With the voices of Katrina Straub /
Olivia from Top of the Line Temps, Shelby Janes / Darla from American Express,
Angela McEwan / Randall's Mom and Tommie Tinker as Randall's Agent.
dedicated to the memory of Lawrence King - www.rememberinglawrence.org
official website: www.freakthefilm.com
Copyright 2011 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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