a short film by Bryan Darling
2011 | 8 mins | US
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the opposing ends of the relationship rainbow.
Who Leads by Bryan Darling In a beautifully played out piece, writer and director Bryan Darling dramatically charts the bittersweet realities of life, in the form of the opposing ends of the relationship rainbow.

For here we find partner that was Adam collecting his belongings before heading to LA, leaving his ex Trent behind to contemplate a future without him. Not that such concerns are on the mind of Trent's flatmate Spencer. Wishing them the best, he exits stage left with removal guy Jordan for a drink, only to return later with Jordan as the new man in his life, as one party bids a final farewell, whilst the other says a sexy hello.

Who Leads by Bryan Darling Well acted throughout by its quartet of principal players, including Matthew Stephen Herrick as previously seen in Rob Williams' Role / Play and Brian Jansen as to be seen again in Darling's forthcoming film Love Is Not Enough, what makes this short so appealingly is Darling's attention to detail, given this is in essence, a work of contrasts. And not only of the relationship variety, but equally in terms of technology, as the like of a modern day laptop is set against vinyl records and Polaroid photos.

Yet this is also the detailing of distance, both emotionally and physically between two people; whether it be standing lovingly entwined or cold to each other, at opposite ends of the room. Complete with the openness of a Country 'n' Western styled bar in which no-one is bothered by same-sex intimacy, this telling piece on the departures and arrivals of life and love may well prove to be too close to home for some. But that said, there's no denying its first class execution, as the tentative "getting to know you" steps of a pair of lovers to be, sharply contrasts with the sombre emotions of a couple's last dance together. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD via the official website: www.wholeadsfilm.com
starring: JD Rudometkin / Trent, Stephan Georgiou / Adam, Matthew Stephen Herrick / Spencer,
Brian Jansen / Jordan, Gavin Murray / Mover and Lucia Kozova, Veronika Pufflerova
and Jakob Scheighardt as the Bar Patrons.
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