a film by Nancy Criss
2011 | 101 mins | US
›› Finding Mr Wright
a whacky romantic comedy on life and love.
Finding Mr Wright by Nancy Criss Like a corporate merger between brands Eating Out and Redwoods, here director Nancy Criss has crafted a whacky romantic comedy that's sure to delight fans of both and a lot more besides.

And how could it not, when Rebekah Kochan is on hand to spice things up with a variation of her infamous Tiffani persona. Cast here as party animal Eddy Malone; now the most desired actress in Hollywood thanks to the work of her best friend and agent to the stars Clark Townsend, namely a man who along with her publicist TJ have devoted their lives to getting the girl out of tight spots. But not this time. Tired of her wayward ways, TJ opts to exit stage left for good, that is, unless Eddy checks into rehab. Only the rehab that TJ has in mind, is a wilderness therapy retreat run by hunky life coach Pearce Wright, who in mixing business with pleasure hopes to get up close and personal with Clark. And doesn't Eddy know it. But with the man himself seemingly married to his work, can either of them convince Clark that Pearce is his Mr Wright?

Finding Mr Wright by Nancy Criss Essentially a romantic comedy of errors, Criss together with writer Jake Helgren have produced a spirited, screwball of a feature build around the recurring theme of love shy Clark mistaking Pearce as a cutie intent on getting it on with his ex, courtesy of partner-that-was Cooper's one-sided advances. It is a mix that leads Matthew (of just too many gay films to list fame) Montgomery and David (The Lair) Moretti as besotted Pearce are clearly at home with, even if the acting honours go to Rasool J'Han as feisty lesbian TJ, whose hard "I haven't seen a penis since my senior year of high school and I'd like to keep it that way" exterior is certain to melt before the end credits roll.

True, not all of the thick and fast jokes hit the mark, but there's equally no denying the overwhelming fun of the piece, even if the acting is somewhat uneven, at times. Thankfully where it counts the film predictably, if reassuringly, settles down to deliver the passionate "boys gets boy" goods of the story. Complete with Evan Miller as the stripped to his waist resident hunk and set against the spectacular scenery of the Angeles National Forest, Criss undeniably knows her market and her feel good approach shows in this guaranteed to make you smile cinematic medley of one-liner styled laughs and emotional observations on life and love. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Nandar Home Entertainment catalogue 01.September.2011
starring: Matthew Montgomery / Clark Townsend, Rebekah Kochan / Eddy Malone, David Moretti /
Pearce Wright, Edward Gusts / Cooper, Rasool J'Han / TJ, Keye Chen / Goldie, Evan
Miller / Gage, Cameron Cash / Sam and Ryan Anthony as Steve.
special appearance from Jason Stuart as Phillip and Scotch Ellis Loring as Geoffrey.
dedicated "in loving memory to my father Darrell Milstead, who
passed away during the making of it - Nancy Criss."
official website: findingmrwrightthemovie.com
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