a short film by Miguel Gabaldón
2010 | 13 mins | Spain
›› Pasajero - Passing Through
a touching look at life’s hellos and goodbyes.
Pasajero by Miguel Gabaldón Infused with the bittersweet feelings of love, loss and regret, this reflective piece takes a touching look at life's hellos and goodbyes.

Emotions that ace dancer Arturo knows only too well, having parted from his one time lover Manuel. Only before embarking on a tour that is set to see him perform on European and Latin American stages, Arturo opts to meet up with his ex in Madrid. Chatting over coffee, it is all but apparent that a spark of romance still simmers below the surface. But with Manuel with a new man in his life and Arturo just passing through a city by night, is this set to be their last tango together?

Like Eldar Rapaport's captivating short Postmortem, this poignant work from co-writer and director Miguel Gabaldón vividly captures a love still burning. Yet and unlike other variations on this theme, here Gabaldón opts for a conclusion that whilst an acute reality check of the situation, may nevertheless leave many yearning for an alternative take. Still it's well-executed throughout, with Santiago Barguño's pitch perfect piano score achingly mirroring the heartbreak of a lover's farewell, emotions that here are beautifully conveyed by the pair of players with both words and looks. The pain of separation, indeed.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
starring: Aitor Lizarribar / Arturo, Pablo de la Chica / Manuel, José Bustos / Manuel's Boyfriend,
Sagrario Calero / Hostel Owner and Pilar Bastardés as Chica.
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