a film by Roger S Omeus Jr
2011 | 100 mins | US
›› Finding Me: Truth
a spirited take on the relationships of life.
Finding Me: Truth by Roger S Omeus Jr Following on from his 2009 cinematic debut Finding Me, writer and director Roger S Omeus Jr continues his exploration of the life of vulnerable gay teen Faybien, who in finding himself, discovers some hard hitting home truths along the way.

Not that Faybien is the sole one here with issues, given non-committal guy Greg delights in having the best of both worlds, dancing the light fantastic with ravishing Tammy, the cousin of his fiery friend Amera, whilst equally doing some serious lip-service with lover boy Reggie. Not that Reggie or Tammy know that they're sharing their man, unlike Amera who knows that Greg is getting it on bisexual style, only not with her cousin. Then again, Amera is a girl with things on her mind, paranoid that her man Gabe is playing away from home. Add in Greg's untrustworthy but hot flatmate Jay and no wonder that Faybien is finding it increasingly difficult to know who to turn to for advice on how to move on from ex boyfriend and still the love of his life, Lonnie. Only are any of his friends telling the truth, when it comes to matters of the heart?

Finding Me: Truth by Roger S Omeus Jr If confession is good for the soul, then a lot of confessing is needed here in this spirited take on the relationships of life. Sure things are far from picture perfect. But that said, this is a film that flies the gay African American flag with pride, with RayMartell Moore as Faybien and Derrick L Briggs as Lonnie getting down to some passionate man-on-man action, in a story in which you just know that every dirty secret is guaranteed to come out in the wash. Or should that be at the dining table?

Complete with a letter styled opening to update / introduce prior characters, this simmering pot of relationship woes plays like a soap opera on speed, in that never a dull moment is to be found, thanks largely to J'Nara Corbin and her shriek voiced portrayal of Amera; nagging her friends to death one minute, whilst loving them the next. Heavy in the sounds of K'bana blaq and with a set of players who reprise their roles with glee, this engaging lesson on love is in itself a tribute to Maurice Murrell; a lovingly sweet man who cast as his polar opposite Jay, is sadly and unexpectedly no longer with us. A fond farewell to Maurice, in this proud to be gay rollercoaster ride on the emotional plateau of life. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 25.July.2011
starring: RayMartell Moore / Faybien Allen, J'Nara Corbin / Amera Jones, Eugene E Turner / Greg Marsh,
Maurice Murrell / Jay Timber, Miste Roule / Tammy Jones, Bry'Nt / Omar, Eric Joppy / Reggie Hunt,
Marcell Gumbs / Eli Florencio, Josh Breckenridge / Gabe Morris, Jake Krickhan / Neal Cooper,
Derrick L Briggs / Lonnie Wilson and Ron DeSuze as Wilmar Allen, Faybien's Father.
In Loving Memory, Ron 'TSE' Hunt, 1975 - 2011.
Special Remembrance to Maurice Murrell, 1978 - 2011.
official sites: www.thanks4findingme.com | findingmetruthblog.com
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