a short film by Andrew Hull
2003 | 16 mins | Canada
›› That Thing We Do
a sweet, if time shift take on the coming out scenario.
That Thing We Do by Andrew Hull Sweet and charming is this variant take on the coming out scenario, even if its constant time shifts may annoy some.

For this is the story of Kevin; a young man who exits stage left for a family reunion, lonesome style, having faced the wrath of his lover Antoine, namely a man tired of being known solely as his business partner. Yet coming clean with his sexual self is easier said than done, when and contrary to the unprejudiced arms of his sister Susan, father Ralph holds views of the bigoted kind. Only can the innocence of a child, in the form of his adorable young cousin Adam, make Kevin realise that his future with Antoine lies in an emotional return journey?

That Thing We Do by Andrew Hull An interesting piece this, given here we find writer and director Andrew Hull delight in playing with his audience, deliberately editing his work out of sequence, a technique that cannot help but paint a somewhat confused picture, given the significance of certain scenes only comes to light at a later stage.

Thankfully it's a lovely picture, one that includes Drew (Queer as Folk USA) Roby as frequently, if not almost permanently bare-chested Kevin. Yet here, the old show business adage of "never work with children or animals" springs to mind, given Liam Robinson as cutie Adam steals the show. That Adam misses an older brother and sees in Kevin the opportunity to talk grown-up style, is clearly what spurs Kevin on to make his own life changing conversation, one whose outcome is all but obvious. Or is it? For like a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces are present, just not in the right order. Nevertheless, it's well-executed throughout, overtly gay from day one and complete with the lush greenery of the Canadian countryside. Moreover, it's also a touching cinematic remembrance of a director who sadly is no longer with us. RIP Andrew; 1963 - 2010.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
starring: Drew Roby / Kevin, Liam Robinson / Adam, Bruce Vavrina / Ralph, Leana Barnes / Susan,
Julia Chantry / Heather, Salvatore Migliore / Antoine, Kathryn Haggis / Mary,
Frank Pellegrino / Peter, Frances Kushner / Judy, Robert Andrew / Cody
and Derek Keuvorst as John.
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