a short film by Anna Rodgers and Aoife Kelleher
2011 | 4 mins | Ireland
›› Stand Up
a stand against homophobic bullying.
Stand Up by Anna Rodgers and Aoife Kelleher Some films like Peggy Rajski's Trevor, Jack O'Dowd's F**KED and Rikki Beadle-Blair's FIT to name but three are there for a reason, that of delivering a compelling message from the educational pulpit.

Well this is yet another fine example of such commendable works, one that in its simple, but effective way tells the story of two Irish lads, gay by nature, only for one to be forever living in dread of being seen with his boyfriend, even holding hands. And sure enough, it isn't long before their tender touch is witnessed, leading to his worst fears being realised when a group of bigoted students take to the stage. Only as homophobic taunts abound, could an outstretched hand of compassion equally be found?

For that is the heartfelt theme of this piece, namely don't stand for homophobic bullying, but instead stand up against it, by openly supporting your lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered friends. It is a message that is beautifully conveyed, in particular the closing frames, even if this four minute PSA against homophobia delivered by the BeLonG To team as part of their exemplary Stand Up campaign shies away from depicting the bloody reality faced all too often by the LGBT youth of today. A laudable production nevertheless, even if the fact that films like this need to be repeatedly made, highlights the shocking undercurrent of sexual prejudice that still prevails both in the classroom and in the outside world, one in which all too many men and women are simply Afraid to be Gay. And that, just isn’t right.

Gay Visibility - covert / overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - for its heartfelt message ... 5 stars. 
starring: Matthew O’Dwyer / Main Boy, Stephen Kiernan / The Boyfriend, Ciaran McCabe / Main Bully,
Aaron Murphy / Locker Room Bully, Kyle Donaldson / Laughing Bully, Barry Keoghan /
Stand Up Bully, Conor Burke / Stand Up Boy, Jane Herbert / "Look" Girl #1
and Briony Morgan as "Look" Girl #2.
For BeLonG To Youth Services.
for more videos and information, check out: www.belongto.org
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