a film by Casper Andreas
2010 | 100 mins | US
›› Violet Tendencies
an outrageous romantic comedy, fruit fly style.
Violet Tendencies by Casper Andreas From the gay to the core directorial chair of Casper Andreas of A Four Letter Word and The Big Gay Musical fame comes this outrageous romantic comedy, bursting with comical vulgarity, if not buffed to perfection hunks, stripped down to their trunks.

And it all revolves around forty-year-old Violet; a big hearted and well just big all round gal who delights in the company of her gay friends, only to discover that and by no surprise, straight men are no where to be found. Tired of the online dating game, but determined to find love before her time is up, she takes onboard the advice of her fashion house co-worker Salome; namely a girl who is everything she is not and here think bulimic, bitchy, let alone the object of sexual adoration, along the way realising that to bag herself a man, she may have to leave her fruit fly ways behind. And that includes severing out-of-office ties with her cute colleague Riley and his long-term partner Markus, alongside the on-again / off-again antics of her promiscuous flatmate Luke and his f-buddy of a lover Darian. Only can a group of seasoned New York queens survive life without their fairy godmother? And can she live without them?

Violet Tendencies by Casper Andreas Seemingly crammed with more one-liners than a sitcom on speed, this, the third collaboration from the Andreas / Archer boys is guaranteed to please, in spite of its negatives, thanks largely to the vibrant performance from The Facts of Life star Mindy Cohn as Violet. Larger-than-life, Cohn charms throughout, having seized the opportunity to shine to rip-roaring effect, even if her spirited comic timing is often wasted on jokes from the crude n rude school of humour.

Only this is a work laden with one too many cameos and bit parts, characters that enter stage left, only to exit stage right moments after their engagement with core members Samuel Whitten as daddy-shy Riley, Adrian Armas, previously seen in the gay short Astoria, Queens as sexy hairstylist Darian and Marcus Patrick as, well that would be saying. It is a mix that is augmented by screenwriter Jesse Archer effortlessly reprising his permanently-in-heat character that is Luke, aka the male Tiffani, whilst Andreas doubles up as both director and longing for a child lover boy Markus.

Sure a message is to be found, that of staying true to yourself, if not the value of friendship itself. But essentially this is The Cohn Show and here the girl does not disappoint, even if the uneven tone of the piece and some needless gross humour does. Nevertheless on the whole, this is a lively, racy and frankly fun affair and the bigger budget clearly shows in the end product. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Breaking Glass Pictures catalogue 24.05.2011
starring: Mindy Cohn / Violet, Marcus Patrick / Zeus, Jesse Archer / Luke, Samuel Whitten / Riley,
Casper Andreas / Markus, Adrian Armas / Darian, Armand Anthony / Vern, Kim Allen /
Salome, Andrea Cirie / Donna and Dennis Hearn as Bradleigh.
cameos by: Mike Diamond / Himself, J Fortino / Himself, Randy Jones / Buck Winston, Sophia Lamar /
Larice, Jack Mackenroth / Himself, Michael Musto / Himself, Steven Polito /
Hedda Lettuce and Daniel Robinson as Rooftop Party Guest #2.
dedicated to all Fruit Flies everywhere!
in memory of Anthony Valente: 1978 - 2010.
official website: www.violettendenciesmovie.com
Copyright 2011 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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