a short film by Luis Fernando Midence and Daniel Dugan
2003 | 14 mins | US
›› More Coffee
a compelling University piece on life’s accidents.
More Coffee by Luis Fernando Midence and Daniel Dugan Written by Lauren Tirre Noble, with additional dialogue from the directorial chairs of Daniel (Postmortem) Dugan and Luis Fernando Midence of One on One fame, this well-executed short details the intertwined lives of a group of people over coffee, American diner style, the day after the night before.

And for a student production, this is a remarkably accomplished effort, that of a multiple storyline that showcases a young woman in dire need of a drug fix and her dealer who desperate for money himself, accidentally shoots the wife of a young man, resulting in his anxious wait for news of her recovery in a hospital A&E department, alongside a woman who knows only too well the hurt of an abusive marriage.

That the gay connection arrives courtesy of a father who with the support of his male lover, is nervously trying to re-connect with his estranged son, makes for a story in itself. Only that is but one tale in a work that revolves around the premise of strangers unknowingly influencing each others lives; that of chance meetings, call them life’s accidents that forever go unnoticed.

A clever concept if played right and here it is played to a tee by a fine cast to dramatic effect, that when coupled with an effective score makes for a compelling University of Miami piece, bursting as-it-is with promise for all in front and behind the camera, even if it is photographically too dark for its own good. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - in part. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
starring: Ian Hersey / Steve, Pati Lauren / Cheryl, Kane Schirmer / Darren, Erik Steinhardt / Jacob,
Rob Goodman / Sam, Nicole Henry / Michelle, Dushawn Moses / James, Damaris Justamante /
Nurse, Nelson J Perez / Ned and Jessica K Peterson as Sandy.
cameo appearance by co-director Daniel Dugan as The Bartender.
dedication: in loving memory of Brent Kelly.
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