a short film by Justine Stokes
2008 | 10 mins | US
›› Affinity
some men are straight, some are gay and some are just, bisexual.
Affinity by Justine Stokes This earlier work from the pen of One on One writer and director Luis Fernando Midence offers a timely reminder that some men are straight, some are gay and some are just, bisexual. A state of sexual affairs that Danny and Kate are set to discover when the love of their life Anthony finally outs his bisexual self, courtesy of a slip of the tongue and an ill-timed ‘phone call.

Only this is a far more complicated issue that your standard cheating boyfriend scenario, as here the issue of bisexuality as a sexuality in itself, takes centre stage. In doing so, this Miami University piece from director Justine Stokes opens up a can of Kinsey scale worms and in particular the concept of whether you can emotionally and physically connect with two people, of differing sexualities, at the same time? And it is that notion of genuine love, as against an affair that dominates this piece, even if it is hard to have any sympathy for a man who and in spite of his protestations of a love devoted, is more than happy to lie his way through life, playing one party off, against the other.

Clearly made within the restrictions of a student budget and delivered cross-cut style, so as to illustrate the almost simultaneous reactions of all parties to the reality of the sexual state of play, here the Stokes / Midence duo leave you with the adage that honesty is the best policy, given sexual home truths are seemingly always destined to come out; certainly in the movies. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - bisexual style. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 
starring: Luis Fernando Midence / Anthony, Courtney Maistros / Kate
and Christopher Hodge as Danny.
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