a short film by Luis Fernando Midence
2010 | 10 mins | US
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Come Dancing, sexuality irrelevant style.
One on One by Luis Fernando Midence Built on solid production values, this University of Texas, Dallas student production charms with the tender tale of a pair of gay lovers, only for one to be more at ease in expressing his sexuality in public, than the other. Not that this suits macho lover boy Trevor who views affectionate lip-service from his latino partner Alex, even when on an empty basketball court, as some form of social statement. Only could a gentle waltz under the tuition of Ms Hilda see Trevor finally lower his guard, one-on-one style?

Made in collaboration with The Dance Ensemble at the University of Texas, Arlington, here writer and director Luis Fernando Midence of Affinity and More Coffee fame delights with a short film that is gay to the core. For in a world in which many a man, sexuality and indeed ethnic origin aside, finds it difficult to openly express their emotions, this short resonates with the beauty of dance as a means of binding lovers together.

True the result is far from earth shattering. But then it was never intended to be, given the allure of this piece lies in the dance class itself, one in which looks of alarm are courtesy of the raised voices of warring parties, rather than a gay couple taking to the floor. That first time actors Timothy Paul Brown as Trevor and Braulio Cruz-Ortiz as Alex create a believable "working it out" relationship, makes for a sweet tale of Come Dancing, sexuality irrelevant style. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
starring: Timothy Paul Brown / Trevor, Braulio Cruz-Ortiz / Alex
and Shain Clark as Ms Hilda, the Waltz Instructor.
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