a short film by Brent Anbe
2009 | 26 mins | Hawaii, USA
›› Ajumma! Are You Krazy???
a comical take on trying to get up close and personal.
Ajumma! Are You Krazy??? by Brent Anbe Bursting with passion, this Hawaiian short charts the adventures of a group of Ajumma; namely three feisty women who lust after life, as much as they are passionate about Korean soap-opera hunk Michael Park. Taking a course in conservational Korean in the hope of getting on first name terms with the man himself, their lucky star appears to be shining when as fate would have it, Park is set to arrive in Honolulu to make a promotional music video. Only in trying to get their arms around the man of their dreams, has somebody already beaten them to it?

Opening with scenes straight out of an Hawaiian based Baywatch and here cue those red trunks, let alone close-ups of the buffed chest variety, this is pure tongue-in-cheek styled fun, given it is all but clear that cutie Michael is bound to have a secret admirer on the side. And no surprises for guessing in what form, given the title of the DVD in which this short is included. Or should that be concluded, as this comical piece as written and directed by Brent Anbe, marks the final title aired in this collection of diverse shorts.

Bright and lively throughout, this is and like many a Korean work, an entertaining mix of hot men, soap styled acting and increasingly OTT scenarios. Stalking gone crazy - undoubtedly. But in playing for laughs the lengths that some fans may go to, in the hope of getting up close and personal with the object of their adoration, you cannot help but smile. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - covert / overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 6: Pacific Rim' release 28.03.2011
starring: Thea Matsuda / Judy, Tessie Magaoay / Susan, Cari Mizumoto / Amy,
Michael Hsia / Michael Park, Vince Shin / Mr Oh, Kaui Kauhi / Kahana,
Kawena Chun / Sheena, Tiffany Vega / Gina, Cristina de la Diosa /
Tina, Dave Young / Mr Lee and David Lim as Daniel.
In loving memory of Bob Johnson: 1958 - 2009.
official website: ajummamovie.com
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