a short film by Hannah Hilliard
2009 | 14 mins | Australia
›› Franswa Sharl
a competition with a difference, Fiji style.
Franswa Sharl by Hannah Hilliard You know, some shorts cannot help but bring a smile to your face and this Aussie gem from the co-pen of director Hannah Hilliard, is guaranteed to please in an ever so gentle way.

It tells the story of twelve-year-old Greg Logan, the number one son of an all too combative father. Bored with the repetition of the Fiji based family holiday and with the adage "like father, like son" ringing in his head, Greg sets out to prove that hes inherited his father's competitive streak in a competition with a difference.

With the picturesque shores of Anna Bay, Port Stephens, Australia doubling for the white sands of Fiji, this laid back piece like many a work, A Ferret Called Mickey included, contrasts a father's macho bravado at odds with the increasingly effeminate nature of his son. Only in this instance, this tender tale is based on real life, in the form of the life experiences of co-writer Greg Logan and here cue his brief cameo appearance.

Backed by a lush Hawaiian soundtrack, intercut with faux styled home movie footage and featuring rising star Callan McAuliffe in the lead role, this is as charming as they come, even if you cannot help but wonder what happened to the boy when the family holiday came to an end? Simply sweet.

Gay Visibility - nil. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 6: Pacific Rim' release 28.03.2011
starring: Callan McAuliffe / Greg Logan, John Batchelor / Mal Logan, Diana Glenn / Fran Logan,
Steve Le Marquand / Mike Bishop, Pippa Grandison / Wendy Bishop, Ivy Latimer /
Cassie Bishop, Tiarnie Coupland / Kylie Logan, Luke Hobbins / Pete Logan,
Ben Ingram / Richard Bishop and Chum Ehelepola as George.
cameo appearance by Greg Logan as Barry Schofield.
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