a short film by Rahman Milani
2004 | 8 mins | Norway
in parts Persian / Norwegian
›› The Silent Landscape - Stille Landskap
the harsh repercussions of being gay and Muslim.
The Silent Landscape by Rahman Milani In this age of greater gay visibility, films that showcase the negative side of the coming out process, equate to a bitter side of life that many prefer not to illustrate. Only as this moving work so aptly demonstrates, not every gay teenager is greeted with the open arms of sexual acceptance.

Not that Hamid wanted to come out to his family. An Iranian by birth now living in Norway, he is only too aware of his family's strict Muslim beliefs. Yet he equally knows where his heart lies, being more than at ease in the company of his male best friend. Only when their tender friendship is witnessed by a talkative neighbour, harsh repercussions on the home front, let alone in the classroom lie just around the corner. In fear of his life, Hamid is seemingly left but with one option to take.

The Silent Landscape by Rahman Milani Told out of sequence and with haunting vistas of the snow-clad Norwegian landscape throughout, this work is ingrained with the cold and downright hurtful reality of rejection by family and those you once thought of as friends. Not that being gay and Muslim is an oxymoron. But as with all doctrines that forbid your very sexuality, it does make being true to thyself all the more difficult. Only Hamidís story does not end with the closing credits, given the many directions that his journey on the road of life could take for the better, or for worse.

A sincere, yet poignant work from writer and director Rahman Milani for sure, even if the intimacy between the two young men is implied, rather than visually stated. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - covert. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
starring: Homayon Hamzeloee, Georg R Lyngved, Mahmud Hamzeloee, Shahla Rahimi,
Bahar Ruhi, Mandana Yousefi, Maja Bohne Johnson and Marit da Costa.
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