a film by Rob Williams
2010 | 85 mins | US
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an at times preachy, if sexy look at life and love.
Role / Play by Rob Williams Fans of the work of writer, producer and director Rob Williams of Make the Yuletide Gay fame will know what to expect in this, his latest gay to the core feature.

Only here we find Williams’ with a lot on his mind and he’s not alone, given soap opera star Graham Windsor is a man on a mission, desperate to escape the media spotlight following his most public of outings; gay sex tape style. Not that he’s the sole famous face seeking the privacy of an exclusive Palm Springs resort, as soon to check in is Trey Reed; a leading gay activist known for his outspoken views on love and marriage, only to have been found cheating on his man. On the run from the tabloid press, both are soon to find a lot more than just shared experiences in each others company. Only can there be any future to their budding relationship, when the truth to their troubles is far from what has been said; in print or otherwise?

Role / Play by Rob Williams Made by the boys for the boys, this work has a lot going for it, not least of which is the exotic Palm Springs location. Only this is a film laden with lengthy monologues, even if such are laced with many a telling home truth. Then again, Williams’ has a lot to say here and say it he does, with nudity frequently on hand to spice up his sermons on celebrity culture, gay life, the media, let alone the contentious issue of coming out or staying firming in the Hollywood closet.

That real life couple Steve Callahan as Graham and Matthew Montgomery as Trey are clearly comfortable in each others intimate presence, results with scenes of sexual nakedness rarely seen outside gay pornography. And yet in spite of such, pathos is somewhat limited, a partial casualty of their cinematic relationship having been formed faster than an "I do" said at a Las Vegas styled wedding. Not that there’s any denying these boys' commitment to same-sex cinema, having between them more gay films under their belt than what you can shake many a directors’ megaphone at, including joint roles in David Kittredge’s chilling work Pornography: A Thriller.

Only at heart, this is an at times preachy, if sexy look at life and love. Still with Williams at the directorial helm, you know that it’s guaranteed to keep the boys entertained, in this instance showcasing the masks people often wear in life; that of public / private personas. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 07.02.2011
starring: Steve Callahan / Graham Windsor, Matthew Montgomery / Trey Reed, David Pevsner / Alex,
Brian Nolan / Ricky, Matthew Stephen Herrick / Parker Ryland and Jim J Bullock as Bernie.
official website: www.guesthousefilms.com
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