a short film by Rick Hammerly
2007 | 12 mins | US
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growing older in today’s youth-obsessed gay world.
Signage by Rick Hammerly With a receding hairline and the use of dye becoming a requisite part of his makeover routine, gay boy Lex is only too well aware that his youthful looks are now a sign of times past. Young at heart however, he and his best friend still lust after life, soon to be found on the gay scene in search of a good time, if not Mr Right.

And on this night Lex doesn’t have long to wait, as he finds himself falling for the charms of Jonathan; a young man out with his friends, namely a mixed group of deaf gays and straights. Versed in the art of sign language himself, the two soon sign up a conversation. Only with Lex being from the hearing world and Jonathan from the world of youth, does their budding relationship stand a chance of being heard on the stage of life?

Signage by Rick Hammerly For it is the stage of life that dominates this short, as writer, director and star of the show Rick Hammerly sets out to demonstrate how its barriers, ones that whether socially imposed upon us, or directly by us, all too often result with the same regrettable outcome.

Refreshingly told for the main part in sign language, with subtitles, the first gay work that I can recall doing so, Hammerly charms you with a reflective piece on the missed opportunities of life, in this case when you‘re ready for love and the other party - just isn‘t. Yet this is also a short film that shines the spotlight on growing older in today’s image conscious, if not youth-obsessed gay world. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Wolfe Video catalogue - 'S Is for Sexy' release
starring: Rick Hammerly / Lex, Jason Lee Wittig / Jonathan, Jeffrey Johnson / Gabe, Manny Vazquez,
Merritt Holloway, Russell Harvard and Jesse Conrad / Jonathan's Friends, Peter Klaus /
Sleazy Bar Patron and Matty Griffiths as the Bartender.
official website: www.idlerichproductions.com
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