a short film by Alexis van Stratum
2004 | 5 mins | Belgium
›› Fast Forward
love and desire on the dance floor of life.
Fast Forward by Alexis van Stratum This Flemish short charts the emotions of love and desire, courtesy of the life and times of an ultimately lonely gay man.

Only we encounter this man with no name first as an apprehensive teen new to the scene, but who is soon to become fixated on a cutie on the dance floor, only for the object of his desire to be the boyfriend of another.

Fast Forward by Alexis van Stratum Fast forward the years and his youthful face is now lined with the seasoned ways of life, wasting as-he-does no time in buying the man of his desire a drink, only for his longing for love to see him greeted by rejection in return. Disheartened, he is left to pay for the pleasure of company as an old man, before the music of life skips a beat for the last time.

Devoid of words, the result is a work that is as sad, as it is well-executed, one in which the young man's shirt never changes, in spite of his advancing years, whilst the object of his desire remains seemingly timeless in his eyes. An interesting take on growing old undoubtedly, even if the constant time shifts make an emotional connection with the piece, somewhat difficult, if near impossible. A work about love and desire on the dance floor of life.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
screened as part of the 18th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2004.
starring: Matteo Simoni / The Boy, Geert Hunaerts / The Man and Robert ? as The Old Man
with Nicolas Gilson / The Cute Boy, Nicola Testa / The Cute Boy's Boyfriend,
Alain van Goethem, Benjamin Ramon and Koen Onghena.
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