a film by Doug Langway
2010 | 105 mins | US
›› BearCity
a romantic comedy of the furry kind.
BearCity by Doug Langway With the obvious exception of Bear Cub, films set predominately in the gay subculture of Bears, are few and far between. Thankfully this outing of the genre, whilst laced with its fair share of stereotypes and predictability, comes off as a sexy, romantic comedy, one that is all about love and relationships, whether you happen to be a bear or not.

For thatís the central issue here, given aspiring actor Tyler is a closet bear lover, unbeknown to his twinkie styled flatmate Simon, who cannot for the life of him figure out why Tyler hasnít tried it on with him yet. Only for how much longer can Tylerís fondness for fur remain in the cave, when a call-back results with a chance encounter with Fred; the bearded cameraman at his reading. Striking up an immediate friendship, Tyler is duly inducted into the world of the bears; a community that welcomes him, with one bear in particular being more than interested in this cute cub. Only whatís a bear to do, when he finds himself falling for a young man, who hasnít even got a beard?

BearCity by Doug Langway In a story that is proud to show big hairy men getting-it-on, writers Lawrence Ferber and Doug / director Langway have weaved a delectable multi-layered work that cross-cuts the relationship issues of Tylerís new circle of friends. Namely lovers of the long-term variety Fred and Brent and their sudden desire for a threesome, sexy Spaniard Carlos and his troubled relationship with his gastric band obsessed partner Michael and finally Roger; the object of Tylerís affection and a hot daddy into anonymous sex, of the like he has with latino stud Fernando.

It is a mix that is played with glee by the cast, with Gerald McCullouch of CSI fame splendid in the role of Roger, even if Gregory Gunter as Michael shines as the Mama Bear of the sloth, whose friends love him - just the way he is. Then again, in a feature in which a number of lines and one insert in particular would have been better dropped, thereís still a lot to like, as a series of sexy and sarcastic scenes intercut with laugher and tears, comedy and romance and the genuine camaraderie of a group of friends who are there for each other, in the good times and the bad. A furry delight; indeed.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek styled sex. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 01.11.2010
starring: Joe Conti / Tyler, Stephen Guarino / Brent, Brian Keane / Fred, Gregory Gunter / Michael,
Sebastian La Cause / Fernando, James Martinez / Carlos, Alex Di Dio / Simon
and Gerald McCullouch as Roger.
cameo appearance by The Village People's Randy Jones as Buck
and Kevin Chamberlin as himself.
Copyright 2010 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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