a short film by Aleem Khan
2009 | 11 mins | UK
›› Diana
the raw emotions of the transsexual heart and mind.
Diana by Aleem Khan Winner of the 2009 Screen Academy Best UK Short Film Award at the prodigious IRIS Prize Film Festival, this heart-wrenching work from the pen of writer and director Aleem Khan beautifully captures the raw emotions of the transsexual heart and mind.

For in a near wordless role, Neeraj Singh achingly delivers the inner soul of Mohit; a pre-op Indian transsexual who works the streets of London. It is a near silent performance conveyed as much through facial expressions, as by way of body language, as we come to witness a life changing experience in Mohit's day. Only this is not just any day; rather this is the day following the sudden death of Diana, Princess of Wales. As the world comes to experience the universal pain of grief, Mohit though events back in the country of his birth and in particular a heartbreaking conversation with his estranged mother, equally comes face to face with feelings of loss, ones that showcase similarities between two very different and yet alike, mindsets.

For this emotive short is as much about loss, as it is of finding; that of finding and rejoicing in your sexuality, even if it means accepting the loss of family along the way. Yet this is more than just a study of maternal alienation, given the underlying theme here is one of resolve, that of moving on to claim your identity in the face of those who wish otherwise, even if it means putting one foot forward, into a darkened night. A telling work, indeed.

Trans Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the full monty. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 

›› Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk.
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys On Film: Cruel Britannia' release: 28.May.2012 / UK.
screened as part of the 3rd edition of the IRIS Prize International Film Festival, Wales, 2009.
screened as part of the 23rd London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2009.
starring: Neeraj Singh as Mohit, with Ann Barnett / Old Lady, Edita Floren / Blonde Woman, Tuba Duman
/ Checkout Girl, Nadia Elaine Magnaguagno / Prostitute #1, Coralie Allison / Prostitute #2,
Sharika Sharma / Mother and Rex Duis / Radio News Reporter.
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