a film by JC Calciano
2010 | 93 mins | US
›› Is It Just Me?
an endearing take on the boy-meets-boy scenario.
Is It Just Me? by JC Calciano From the man behind the sexy web based series Steam Room Stories, comes this feel-good gay variant on the mistaken identity scenario.

For lovelorn writer Blaine is forever searching for Mr Right, unlike his promiscuous flatmate Cameron; a buffed to perfection Go Go dancer always happy to get to know a new zipper. Only when Blaine strikes the right online note with Texas born musician Xander; a shy cowboy new to LA, a profile mix-up results with Cameronís face appearing in Blaineís name. And so begins a comedy of errors, as Blaine and Cameron go head-to-head to win the loving eyes of Texas.

Is It Just Me? by JC Calciano Complete with sparkling sidekick turns from Michelle Laurent as Blaineís romantic confidante Michelle, Bob Rumnock as his frantic newspaper boss Bob and Bruce Gray as kind, if lonesome hearted gay gent Ernie, this romantic comedy delights with a series of sweet turns, even if the "you know itís going to work out in the end" narrative is somewhat uneven in places.

That said and to their credit, the central trio of Nicholas Downs / Blaine, David Loren / Xander and Adam Huss / Cameron charm in their respective roles, that of a love-triangle formation that sees Hussís manly physique tease the boys throughout. That writer and director JC Calciano has clearly set out to deliver an impassioned sermon on being seemingly invisible in a city dominated by good looks, is all but clear, resulting in an endearing, big hearted take on the boy-meets-boy scenario. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue 25.October.2010 / UK.
starring: Nicholas Downs / Blaine, David Loren / Xander, Adam Huss / Cameron, Michelle Laurent / Michelle
with Bob Rumnock / Bob and Bruce Gray / Ernie and featuring Michael Donahue / Antonio, Lynne Chaille
/ Ronnie, Christopher King / Frontier Model, Keith Roenke / Barista, Chris Tisa / Coffee Patron,
Brian Schulze / Cameronís Friend, Bryce Blais / Drew and Jed Bernard / Pool Shark.
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