a short film by David Bonneville
2008 | 13 mins | Portugal
›› Heiko
a decidedly dark tale of fetish disrespect.
Heiko by David Bonneville
With a summary line that reads "a carefree young man really puts his foot in it with his obsessive lover," the nature of this short is all but obvious. For this is but a surreal ode to foot fetishes, one in which writer and director David Bonneville plays power game style, only to take an abrupt right turn in the closing frames to deliver a shocking twist to his well-executed tale.

Thankfully Jaime Freitas as Heiko, namely the techno loving young man of the piece and José Manuel Mendes as his sugar-daddy styled lover Homem play it for all itís worth, a master / slave relationship that mirrors their on / off cinematic bond, one that is taken to the extreme in this decidedly dark tale of fetish disrespect. Enough said.

Gay Visibility - fetish style. 
Nudity - toe-tapping cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue 'Boys on Film 4: Protect Me from What I Want' release 26.04.2010
starring: José Manuel Mendes as Homem and Jaime Freitas as Heiko.
official website: www.davidbonneville.net
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