a short film by Connor Clements
2008 | 17 mins | UK
›› James
a frank look at the coming-of-age experience.
James by Connor Clements Written and directed by Connor Clements, this moving short focuses on the plight of a teenage boy who when not reading the works of Tennessee Williams, is to be found satisfying his gay curiosity courtesy of the local amenities. Clearly coming to terms with his sexuality and seemingly devoid of friends, lonesome James is in urgent need of being open to someone about his inner feelings. Only with warring fractions on the home front, who can he turn to; his compassionate literature tutor Mr Sutherland, or a cottaging stranger who may want more than just the odd word or two?

James by Connor Clements Made in 2008, this compelling drama vividly captures the troubled mind of a Northern Ireland teen struggling to come to terms with his homosexual self. For this is a piece dominated by the subtle eye movements of Niall Wright as James, his heart and soul desperately crying out for help, unable as he is to turn to his parents, wary of school bullying and all too apprehensive of the views held by the local education authorities.

Ingrained with the raw emotions of anguish, fear and self-acceptance, here first-time writer and director Clements has triumphed in delivering a remarkably honest depiction of the tentative steps of opening up your homosexual heart to others around you. It is a graduate production in which its "stripped to basics" format works in its favour, accentuating its realistic tone to hit home with a frank look at the coming-of-age experience, one that contrasts a caring teacher too afraid to extend a helping hand for fear of what could be misconstrued, with that of an older man, alarmingly more than willing to. A poignant story, beautifully told.

Gay Visibility - coming-of-age style. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
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available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys On Film 5: Candy Boy' release: 25.10.2010/ UK.
starring: Niall Wright / James, Matthew Jennings / Mr Sutherland, Margaret Goodman / Mother,
Gerry Doherty / Father and Louis Rolston as the Man in the Toilet.
clarity reference: the note reads "unlock your door."
official website: www.connorclements.tv
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