a short film by Nick Corporon
2009 | 18 mins | US
›› Last Call
a compelling tale of a last chance saloon for love.
Last Call by Nick Corporon Have you ever had any regrets about love? Well in this poignant short film from director Nick Corporon, star of the show Gavin get's a chance to re-live three memories he shared with the love of his life Mark, courtesy of a mysterious bartender who somehow knows just too much about his alcoholic past and the fate of his relationship with his ex-boyfriend. Only does fate have another card left to play?

Last Call by Nick Corporon Co-written by Corporon and Gareth Dutton, this well-executed variant on the three wishes scenario is as touching, as it's beautifully shot and told. Yet whilst Go Go Reject actor Travis Dixon as Gavin and David Devora as his family longing, guitar playing partner make for a prime pairing, it's seasoned veteran Jody Jaress as the soft spoken bartender from ... well that would be saying, who steals the show.

Only to add more would give the game away, other than the action alternates between differing time frames, or to be more precise seventeen months after recovering alcoholic Gavin has got his life back together enough to sober up to the fact that the man he walked out on, is the man he forever wants to be with. Although whether or not that beckons a happy ending, remains to be seen in this compelling tale of a last chance saloon for love. Say no more.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures' catalogue - 'Boys On Film 5: Candy Boy' release 25.10.2010
starring: Travis Dixon / Gavin, David Devora / Mark and Jody Jaress as The Bartender.
Nick Soper / Thom, Montana White / Little Girl. The pedestrians / Alexandra
Abdel-Malek, Gary Casey, Linda Wong and Prarthana Mohan.
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