a film by Christopher Hines
2010 | 70 mins | US
›› The Adonis Factor
an eye-opening insight into the yin and yang of the gay world.
The Adonis Factor by Christopher Hines More than ever we live in a body conscious world, one where images of the male body beautiful are targeted at you 24/7. No wonder then that many men, both gay and straight, find themselves unhappy with their body image, opting to go to various lengths, some extreme, in the pursuit of their ideal of physical perfection.

Yet in an increasingly superficial society, one where your look may well shape, if not define you, is this any surprise? Indeed as one participant in this thought-provoking documentary from writer, producer and director Christopher Hines put it, "how I look has made my experience of being a gay man, the better" and here cue more parties, more sex, more friends. Yet life is a lot more complicated as Hines sets out to show, along the way taking into account the thoughts of dermatologists, doctors, psychologists and sexologists, to plastic surgeons kept busy with never ending requests for face lifts to pec implants.

The Adonis Factor by Christopher Hines Yet whilst surgically enhanced male beauty comes with a price tag attached to it, others things in life arrive with alarming side effects. For here Hines charts not just the use of illegal growth hormones and steroid abuse, but shocking slimming disorders that see twink styled teens resorting to aerobic bulimia, literally working off everything they eat, as opposed to throwing the calories up, just to stay thin beyond thin. All of which brings to mind the question of what has society become, when the pressure to fit in results with many playing Russian roulette with their health?

Thankfully in a world in which a number of gay men are too afraid to be seen outside the secluded safety of their curtained homes on the days when they feel they donít look good, certain men and indeed groups seemingly donít give a damn. That this talking heads production would eventually lead Hines into the land of the Bears, was as sure as it would equally detail the hedonistic party scene, together with gay pornography, here the fantasy figures of Titan Men and a business that as its director Brian Mills noted: "is driven by fresh faces."

Filled with more buffed-to-perfection muscular studs than what you can shake a waxing strip at, Hines in his follow-up to his 2009 feature The Butch Factor, namely what it means to be gay and a man in todayís society, has delivered an eye-opening insight into the yin and yang of the gay world. Namely from the perfect chiselled bodies of the Adonis crowd, to those who have never tried to fit in with pigeon-hole society, being who they are from day one. Yet laced between botox injections, facial creams and heavy duty gym workouts, remains the adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The result of which is a growing number of community initiatives aimed at trying to give gay men a way to connect beyond the physical. Or to put it another way; accepting people for who they are, rather than for what they look like. Frankly, does that really need to be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - letting it all hang out. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
DVD available 26.10.2010 as part of the Breaking Glass Pictures catalogue
Talking Heads in order of credited appearance:-
Anthony OíBrien / Law Enforcement Officer.

Shane Stiel / Disc Jockey.

Graig Keyte / Interior Designer.

Mike Wood / Instinct Editor in Chief.

Bruce Vilanch / Writer and Actor.

Anderson Davis / Actor and Model.

John Ganun / Photographer.

Guentin Elias / Model.

Dr Gregory Cason / Psychologist.

Dr Tim Jochen / Dermatologist.

Justin Gaines / Bartender and Student.

Richard Klein / Go-Go Dancer.

Derek Brocklehurst / interviewee.

Justin Donahue / interviewee.

Eric Pyne / Urban Body Fitness Trainer.

Neil Samarripa / Urban Body Fitness Trainer.

Juan Pablo Zuluaga / Former Mr Hot Atlanta.

Scott Cullens / Company Director.

Jeffrey Sanker / White Party Promoter.

Melvin Myles / White Party Participant.

Dr Scott Parry / Steroid Abuse Advisor.
Gabriel Perez /
Deandre Johnson /
Nic Delis / on the pressure to stay slim.

Jallen Rix / Sexologist.

Brian Mills / Titan Men Director.

Christopher Saint / Titan Model.

Dakota Rivers / Titan Model.

Darren Main / Naked Yoga Instructor.

Steve Waye / Naked Yoga Student.

Fred Goldsmith / Community Initiative.

Rick Esparza / Ice Hockey player.

Clint Catalyst / Model.

Stacey Hummell / Make-up artist.

Ryan May /
Jonathan Miller /
Jeff Pray / Proud Bears.

Michael Sigmann / Menís Inner Journey.

John Moore and Ryan Cummings / Life Partners.

Dr Derek Jones / Dermatologist.

Dr Greg Mueller / Plastic Surgeon.

Albert Wyss / Former Cover Model.
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