a short film by Babak Anvari
2005 | 24 mins | UK
›› What's Up with Adam?
a sweet depiction of gay first love.
What's Up with Adam? by Babak Anvari Whilst far from breaking new cinematic ground, this heart-warming short from the pen of Havard Rydning nevertheless hits home by showcasing the tentative coming-of-age steps a young man takes in coming out to himself, in the hope of sharing a dance with the object of his desire.

And here cue the life of Adam; a good looking student who returning to University after the summer recess is set to discover that his best friend Beth has plans to pair him off with Janet in time for the University ball; namely a girl who has had the hots for him for ages. Then again, emotions of sexual longing are no stranger to Adam. Only not in Janetís direction. Rather in the direction of Toby; a hunk of a man struggling with his French grades, unlike star pupil Adam. All too willing to offer Toby a tutorial helping hand, could their time spent revising together mark the start of une belle chose?

What's Up with Adam? by Babak Anvari Realistically set within the British educational system of today and here cue the University of Westminster, this beautifully tender tale from director Babak Anvari is as compelling, as it is a sweet depiction of gay first love. To that end, Paul Stocker as Adam and Jason Ebelthite as Toby deliver delightfully natural performances, just as Henriette Faye-Schoell is every inch girl-about-campus Beth; confident that she knows everything about her best friend, only to not realise whatís up with Adam.

Thankfully and unlike many a good work, this honest take on the universal theme of love has not vanished into the celluloid void, even if it currently remains solely available on DVD in Germany. At twenty-four minutes duration however, this well-crafted British work sounds suspiciously like the product of a television drama. Whatever way, it remains an uplifting delight. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - tender style. 
Nudity - none this time folks. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
The Sweetest Surprise gay film medley, featuring:-
0:01 Latter Days | 0:20 Fashion Victims | 0:39 An Unusual Affair | 0:49 Burn the Bridges | 1:18 What's Up with Adam?
1:37 Walk On Water | 1:59 Out Now | 2:10 At Ease | 2:26 Love Songs | 2:45 HerzHaft.
available on DVD as part of the German Schuljungs 2 short film collection
starring: Paul Stocker, Jason Ebelthite, Henriette Faye-Schoell, Sheena Irving, Ana Mendez,
Michael Loughman, Alanta White, Steve Hall, James Roxborough and Ligia Pereira.
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